4 Female Rappers Cardi B Wants You to Listen to

When Jermaine Dupri said in an interview with People that he couldn’t think of his favorite female rapper because there are “strippers rapping,” who are all rapping about being in the club

Photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Photo: Instagram/iamcardib

When Jermaine Dupri said in an interview with People that he couldn’t think of his favorite female rapper because there are “strippers rapping,” who are all rapping about being in the club. The internet exploded and Cardi B had to weigh in. Because we totally didn’t realize that all these male rappers are out here not rapping about strippers or being in the club. Maybe they should rap about other things as Dupri suggests female rappers should. It’s interesting that someone like Dupri who has definitely rapped about partying and “hoes” has the nerve to fault female rappers for rapping about their sexual prowess and their bodies. I guess it’s only okay when men objectify us huh?

Cardi clapped back in an Instagram post with the facts. It’s what people want to hear and women who don’t rap about the club or partying often don’t get the same support.

“There’s a lot of female rappers that be rapping they ass off and don’t be talking about they pu**y and don’t be talking about getting down and dirty, and y’all don’t be supporting them,” she said. “Y’all don’t be supporting them and they be mad dope. These bloggers don’t support them, they don’t give them the recognition, so don’t blame that shit on us when y’all not the ones that’s supporting them.”

In a follow-up post, she dropped four female rappers that don’t rap about “getting down and dirty” but that are also amazing emcees that deserve recognition. Here is the rundown on the 4 fire artists Cardi co-signed.



Rapsody was named top female artists to know by both TIME and USA Today.  She was also named one of the 20 Greatest Female Rappers of All Time by XXL. This North Carolina rapper released her debut album in 2012 and has been establishing herself as a major player in the game. She was also the only feature on Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly, on the song “Complexion.” In 2018 she was the only woman to be Grammy nominated for her song “Sassy” and her album Laila’s Wisdom was nominated for Best Rap Album. Rapsody is only the fifth female nominee ever in the 23-year history of the category. She has worked with some of the biggest legends and newcomers in the business, ranging from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Big Daddy Kane, Marsha Ambrosius, Mac Miller, and Big K.R.I.T, to name a few. Her style is polished and her flow is unparalleled. She is definitely one of the strongest rappers in hip-hop.



This self-described “hood diva” and Oakland born rapper is best known for her 2016 debut mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto. It’s an album full of melodies that draw from the funky r&b and soul oldies. Her inspiration comes from such artists as Missy Elliott, TLC, and Aaliyah. Her 2015 debut single “How Does It Feel” was ranked one of the year’s best songs by NPR and Pitchfork. Kamaiyah has performed at South by Southwest and has been featured alongside Drake on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin?” and performed as an opener for YG on his F**k Donald Trump Tour.



Chika Oranika is a Nigerian-American rapper known for calling out the bullsh**t. Most notably Kanye West’s hypocrisy at the time of his comments about slavery being a choice. She rapped: “When your check clears don’t forget that your children are still black/ and your music has been wack and your views are moving back,” over the Ye’s “Jesus Walks” beat garnering, around 300,000 views. She’s an emcee that said she wants to change the world and make the rap world less male-dominated with her rhymes. And she’s well on her way. She recently re-worked Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” for pride month, has urged people to fight against abortion bans. Oranika was also recently featured on the latest round of Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins ad campaign.


Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is a Philly rapper based in Atlanta. Her 2018 debut album Whack World received widespread critical acclaim. Her influences come from groundbreaking artists like Lauryn Hill and Andre 3000. The video for her 2017 single, “Mumbo Jumbo” garnered a Best Music Video nomination for the 2019 Grammy Awards. She was also cosigned by Remy Ma in an episode of Genius’s “The Cosign” series on YouTube, which current artists have the opportunity to put people on to new and up and coming artists. She has recorded songs with Meek Mill and Childish Gambino that haven’t been released yet. She’s also collaborated with Flying Lotus on the song “Yellow Belly.”

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