Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Frank Schwichtenberg

Cardi B Got Kicked Out of Hotel and She Called Them Out for Being Racist

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and when some shady shit goes down you are the first one to get blamed for it, even though you had nothing to do with it? For example, if there’s loud music or loud talking, hotel management assumes it’s you? Or if it smells like pot, hotel security thinks you’re to blame? That kind of nonsense always seems to fall on the shoulders of minorities. Even if they had nothing to do with it at all. That’s exactly what happened to Cardi B this past weekend.


The rapper had a show in Albany, New York, on Saturday evening, and after the show she and her team stayed at the Hilton Hotel. Cardi says that at 1 a.m. that night, hotel security kicked them out because people were complaining that it smelled like weed on their floor.

The Bronx native said in a video that was posted on social media: “You wanna know something? Albany is known for being racist. The floor that I was staying on in my hotel room, it smelled like weed. So the cops came in the middle of the night, knocking on my manager and on my door, talking about that we were smoking weed and we gotta get kicked out. And none of my team members smoke weed,” she said. “We could all get drug tests — nobody smokes. Nobody smokes. Especially when I’m sleeping and… you’re not gonna do that to me. Mind you, everybody on the floor was Caucasian but you wanna kick us out…  Motherfuckers was being prejudiced and picking on who the fuck they thought that was smoking weed and you got the wrong fucking one. I’m telling you, I do not smoke weed.”


She went on to say: “So for motherfuckers to just say like, ‘Oh, we’re kicking you guys out because there’s a smell of marijuana,’ so why don’t ya’ll search the room? And then they told us that earlier, there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too. We’re not associated with them. So why — I just can’t. I can’t, really. I really can’t.”