11 Celebrities That Support Undocumented Immigrants With “We Are All Dreamers” Shirt

Undocumented immigrants face an uncertainty everyday. An estimated 800,000 people that benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)  are fighting to stay in the United States as the deadline for a path to citizenship inches closer (it expires in early March). But even more undocumented immigrants also face deportation, which is why there’s a fight to secure a path of citizenship through the Clean Dream Act.

The fight continues everyday, with many more non-Latinos joining in to support this movement. We’ve heard from a lot of Latino celebrities that support DREAMers and the Clean Dream Act, but more recently — as the deadline looms — more celebrities have joined in on the cause as well.

Many of them are showing their support for DREAMers and the Clean Dream Act by wearing the “We Are All Dreamers” t-shirt. The shirt, nor the phrase, isn’t trademarked, which means it’s sold relatively inexpensive online. But the point at hand is that people like these celebrities have a huge platform and millions of followers which puts this cause on the center stage.

Here’s a roundup of celebs that are declaring their support for DREAMers in a big way.




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