People Are Calling This Man the Cilantro Bae Because He Chops So Fast

Move over Salt Bae, there’s a new culinary king in town: Rogelio, the cilantro bae

Photo: Unsplash/@surojadek

Photo: Unsplash/@surojadek

Move over Salt Bae, there’s a new culinary king in town: Rogelio, the cilantro bae. In a video that has gone viral,  Rebecca Castañeda’s (@atomic_era) posted a short clip of Rogelio chopping up a massive bunch of cilantro like you’ve never seen before.

The cutting is so precise, it’s just brilliant to watch. It’s not a surprise that a man with so much skill has captured the attention of thousands. The video, which was first uploaded to Snapchat, has been retweeted more than 50,000 times on Twitter.

So who is Rogelio, and why is he chopping up so much cilantro? Rebecca informs us that he works at El Camino Real Mexican Food in Fullerton, California. And this isn’t just some random Mexican food joint. It’s been voted one of the top Mexican eateries in California. Case in point, as Rebecca points out, Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, has been frequenting El Camino since she was a kid. We’re sure she’s not the only celeb that goes there.

From the looks of Instagram, lots of people go there. Perusing all these photos online is sure making us hungry for Mexican food too. Look at all the use of cilantro!

Do you know who’s going to hate this article? People who hate cilantro. Yes, cilantro haters is a real a thing! I was clueless to this weird phenomenon myself, but there’s a indeed a huge population of people that hate cilantro because it tastes like soap!

A genetic survey conducted by Cornell University tested nearly 30,000 people and the results are insane. People with certain genes simply cannot stand the taste of cilantro and indicate that to them, it tastes like soap. How sad is that? Imagine not being able to taste authentic Mexican food?

It’s too bad for them, because they won’t ever understand the wonder of this video of Rogelio and his cilantro-choppin’ ways.

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