How to Use Crystals to Help You Reach Your Spiritual Goals

Spirituality is an ever-evolving concept guaranteed to hold a variety of definitions

Photo: Unsplash/@farreal

Photo: Unsplash/@farreal

Spirituality is an ever-evolving concept guaranteed to hold a variety of definitions. The definition will always differ depending on who you ask. It’s unique in the sense that we tailor our definition of spirituality according to where we’re assessing our needs in that current moment of our journey. Which path have you ventured on during this moment of your life? The experience you’re living out in this current moment will likely help craft your perception of what your spiritual goals are.

You’ve landed here because you’re a spiritual being seeking out positive expansion. The goal? One of many, but you want to embody a balanced version of self. Not a better version, but a balanced version. If we’re aiming towards becoming a better person than we once were, we’re essentially alluding to the fact that who we’ve been isn’t as worthy as who we’re becoming. 

All aspects of your journey — even the dark ones — are valuable and needed. Balance is the act of spiritually incorporating all ingredients of your polarity: the good and the bad. Everything has its purpose. Spiritual goals can be easy tangible call-to-actions you assign yourself or they can be long-winded ideas that will require longevity to attain. There is no goal unworthy.

Here’s where crystals come in as your superhero bestie. Metaphysical tools such as crystals can assist us in amplifying the attainment of results in the spiritual work we’re cultivating. Crystals are energetic living beings that vibrate according to specific frequencies. Crystals carry properties that range from targeting health issues to increasing financial prosperity. So long as you firmly believe in the intention that you’re rooting in your spiritual goal, then expect crystals to give you that boost needed to manifest. Disclaimer: crystals can’t do all the work for us. We must actively engage and play our role in making our spiritual goals a reality. Crystals will certainly add momentum and encouragement, but they’re not a sole proprietor of whether you achieve these personal goals you’ve set. Accountability is always encouraged in this spiritual journey. Here’s how you can set out and add crystals to your enthusiasm for change.

Crystal Grids

You don’t necessarily need a grid to get the ball rolling on your goals, however, they’re beautiful and can be used as a reminder. Like a vision board, crystal grids can be admired to keep your vibration high around the intention you’ve planted via your specific spiritual goal. There are several types of grids you can incorporate into your practice. I always suggest picking your crystals and grids intuitively. If you get hung up on the deep esoteric meaning of things, you might not be able to make up your mind. Don’t stress it, especially if you have yet to work with a crystal grid. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in this entire process, which is also a fun intuitive exercise. Crystal grids are potent because of the use of combined crystals and the sacred geometry that is created. Interested in working on a goal centered on strengthening your sense of self-love? Creating a crystal grid with stones that assist you with self-love, empathy, or forgiveness can be helpful to add to your intention. Research stones such as rose quartz, chrysoprase or rhodochrosite, which carry significance in that aspect. Afterward, you’ll want to cleanse and place your stones on your grid. Take this time to connect, meditate and set your stones with that spiritual goal in mind as you place them down. Visualizing or writing your goal is optimal during this process.

The final step is to activate your grid by connecting all the crystals as energy points to one another. I highly recommend using a crystal quartz or selenite to be your wand or “connector” as you navigate from stone to stone. Again, you can create a grid for about anything. Have fun with the process and keep the vibes high.

Crystal Moon Water

Indigenous ancestors of Mesoamerica commonly incorporated crystal stones in ceremonial rituals. It was understood that crystals carry a sacred connection to Earth. They often used stones such as black obsidian, jade, and pyrite – to name a few. Moon water is a method you can incorporate with your spiritual goals to enhance your connection to luna. Moon water is activated by the moon (typically on a full moon). Incorporating specific crystals with your moon water as you lay your water out on an evening of a full moon is a powerful way of purifying yourself. Creating crystal moon water is as simple as creating a crystal grid. It all starts with settling on the spiritual goal you want to foster followed by adding stones that will complement the goal. Some crystals are delicate when it comes to water exposure and some are capable of releasing of toxins when mixed with water. Always research if your stones are safe to use with water. 

Crystal Chakra Healing

This is a lengthy topic that deserves a lot of attentive discussions. For sake of simplicity, we’ll cover the basics of crystals and chakra healing that anyone can optimize regardless of your knowledge in this area. If you’ve never heard of the term chakra — welcome! This is an exciting world of possibilities that you’ll likely be intrigued by. We carry seven main chakra energy discs. Each chakra lines up within our bodies beginning at the base of the spine working up to the seventh chakra at the top of your head, which is the crown chakra. Take a moment to research more about the significance of chakras and the beautiful history that coincides with this ancient knowledge. Meditation and chakra healing are fantastic ways to tackle specific spiritual goals that you want to dig deep on. Looking to gain clarity in a certain area of your life? Pairing a specific crystal stone with a specific chakra can do wonders to open you up, balance, and regain clarity on the subject. Understanding crystals stones and their basic properties is always the first step when you want to add them to your personal practice. This doesn’t require you to know every fact about a stone. Often the colors of the stones are instant giveaways of factual knowledge. Every chakra is associated with a specific color (e.g. root chakra – red, sacral chakra – orange, solar plexus – yellow, heart chakra – green, throat chakra – blue, third eye – indigo, crown chakra – violet). Now knowing this, you can seek out and understand that stones that are violet like amethyst can assist you with your third eye and crown. If one of your spiritual goals is to meditate more or activate your intuitive-psychic abilities, then you’ll want to incorporate amethyst in your opening of chakras through meditative work and energy healing.

Aside from being gorgeous décor, crystals are magical tools that can enhance your enthusiasm for desired results during your journey. Understanding the color meanings behind crystals and basic properties that they represent is all you need to know if you’re seriously considering incorporating stones into your spiritual goals. Crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes, and formations. The size of the stone or formation doesn’t matter much. Every crystal carries the same effect and opportunity to help you manifest your goals. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry about working with smaller stones such as tumble stones or pocket stones. They get the job done just fine. Although, you will notice that once you start collecting crystal stones, you won’t want to stop. Enjoy!

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