What To Expect From December’s Full Moon: The Cold Moon in Gemini

There’s a lot to digest during this month’s full moon on December 4

What To Expect From December’s Full Moon: The Cold Moon in Gemini

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There’s a lot to digest during this month’s full moon on December 4. This is the first and only super moon of 2017 and it does so in the sign of Gemini. Mercury goes retrograde on December 3 and we are also in the heart of Sagittarius season.

The full moon is a time of completion and release. The new moon is invisible to the eye, making us have faith in our intentions as we set new goals for the lunar cycle. The full moon is the opposite. It’s big and bright, showing us how everything comes full circle.

Let’s break down the energies coming to a head during the full moon. Gemini, whose element is air is mutable and ruled by Mercury. Sagittarius, whose element is fire, is also mutable and ruled by Jupiter. This is important because the lunar cycle is all about energy and harnessing it to your advantage is the best way to make the most of it.

Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect, revisit, and release what is no longer working for you. A full moon during a Mercury retrograde only amplifies this energy. Because the full moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, be cautious of what you say to others. Mercury is all about communication and Gemini is the intellectual sign so watch your tongue. Intellectual impulsivity often comes out as patronizing, condescending, and hurtful sarcasm.

Lunar cycles are typically 6 months long. This full moon is coming full circle for intentions set back in May. What lessons have you learned since then? What’s changed in your life?

Gemini is known for being versatile. As the “twins” they have a duality that often makes them misunderstood. Take extra care to be clear about what you say and do. The timing for all of this energy is perfect for now since we’re closing out 2017 and looking forward to 2018. Use this time to create your vision board and do some shadow work to help gain insight into life lessons learned from 2018. Full moon is for releasing and Mercury retrograde is for reflecting so think long and hard about what you want to let go of so that you have the clarity you need to make the right kind of changes in your life and business.

Air signs are rooted in the mind and intellect, while fire signs are rooted in the body taking action. Sagittarius, a fire sign, during this full moon can help you finally take action. Take decisive actions in matters of your mind. Change your perspective for the better, revisit old ideas and passions, let go of those negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others, meditate and come full circle with how you create change in your life. This is a time for your emotional self to THINK before taking action.

Don’t forget to also have fun during this time. What can you celebrate during this full moon? What has come to an end in your life? Give yourself closure and get ready to start a new chapter. I’ve never met a Gemini who wasn’t a social butterfly. How can you bring your inner butterfly out to enjoy this vibrant energy? Full moon is a time to release but with releasing comes honoring the completion of an old phase so that you can welcome a new one.  

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