7 DIY Holiday Gifts for the Crafty People in Your Life

We’ve known since childhood that nothing warms the heart more than a DIY, homemade, and handmade gift

Photo: Unsplash/@punttim

Photo: Unsplash/@punttim

We’ve known since childhood that nothing warms the heart more than a DIY, homemade, and handmade gift. It’s more personal, thoughtful, and the recipient knows it’s something that was made just by you, just for them. We’ve rounded up seven easy to make yet beautiful gifts that will save you money, and keep you from wandering the aisles at a store trying to figure out what to buy.

Glowing Photo Luminaries

We love candles, and we love photos, so why not combine the two to make a fabulous and memorable homemade gift? The bloggers over at Our Best Bites have all the steps on how to make these beautiful photo candles here.


Happy Jar

This gift is super easy to make, but incredibly thoughtful and personal. Fill a jar up with things you like about the recipient, jokes, memories, inspirational words, or anything else that would brighten up their day.


Wire Heart Ring

Using inexpensive jewelry-making wire (available in several colors) and jewelry pliers, you can make a bunch of these super cute heart-shaped rings to give out as presents or stocking stuffers.


No Sew Tutu

Make these pretty tutus for the little ballerinas in your life. They’re no sew, just require knotting on elastic or ribbon. They’re great to make in a bunch of colors for any future recitals, Halloween, or just the average day of playing dress up. Check out a tutorial at simply real moms here.


Marble Dipped Mugs

How pretty are these marbled mugs?! Who knew you could jazz up plain white cups with nail polish?! Go for this vibrant look, or try a pretty neutral or metallic color; its all up to you and the person you’re giving these to. Learn more at the sweetest occasion blog here.


Gingerbread Scrub

Photo by Lydia Matzal on Unsplash

Sugar scrubs do wonders for the skin; what better way to be thoughtful than making and gifting one that is all-natural? Blogger Mommy Musings has a recipe that uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, and she offers the deets on how to make a peppermint version as well.


Secret Book Safe

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

This is a gift that is both practical, and steeped in our childhood memories of all those great mystery stories. Create a secret safe by using an old book (have fun choosing a book with meaning for the recipient, or just find a cool-looking old-style tome). Learn how to make this, step by step, by watching this YouTube video by Von Malegowski.

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