DNC Launches Signature Latino Outreach Program “Adelante” & Here’s Why You Should Know About It

Although the power of the Latino community is undeniably mounting, its political representation has practically remained stagnant – but the change is in the air

Although the power of the Latino community is undeniably mounting, its political representation has practically remained stagnant – but the change is in the air.

The Adelante program is the DNC’s Latino Signature Program focused on reaching and mobilizing the broad Latino population, meeting them right where they are, in all their sheer number and power in platforms both online and communitarian.

We got a chance to hear about the program from  Michelle Villegas, the Latino Coalitions Director of the Democratic National Committee. In her current position, Michelle is proudly representing the Latino community by empowering them to have their voices heard in major efforts.

“Adelante, the DNC’s signature program, is focused on making sure that Latinos are hearing from us through different channels: online, on the radio, in their local papers and especially on the ground in our communities through bilingual organizing programs and community events. I’m passionate about making sure that as a party, we’re meeting Latinos where they are, and speaking directly–in both English and Spanish–to the issues that matter most to us.”

The Adelante program, along with the ongoing efforts towards improving voter registration among Latinos, are hallmarks of the Democratic Party initiative to encourage Latinos to participate in the election process for the upcoming future and forever.

Adelante focuses on 3 major pillars: VISIBILITY, ACCESSIBILITY & POLITICAL ORGANIZING, detailed as follows.


  • Adelante will lift up the incredible work of Latino elected officials, cabinet secretaries, local party, and community leaders and influencers.


  • Adelante is committed to advising and collaborating with in-state Latino coalition directors for coordinated campaigns and meeting with them regularly to ensure accessibility to DNC and Latino programming from the coordinated campaigns and state staff, in order to bring even more communities in and maintain that momentum well after each election. .

Political Organizing: 

  • Build a large distributed organizing program with bilingual volunteers who will mobilize to make calls and send texts to mobilize Latinos in our key election states in order to reach communities actively and genuinely, in their own language of choice.
  • Campaign Readiness Project: The core initiative behind the Adelante program is the DNC hosting a Campaign Readiness Project bootcamp focused around recruiting, training, and placing in battleground states, staffed by eager volunteers who are bilingual Spanish/English speakers.
  • Culminating in a bootcamp this month of July, the effort will help us increase bilingual staff on the ground at all levels of experience. They will put particular focus on recruiting for bilingual communications, coalitions, and organizing staff to help build the pipeline for both 2022 and 2024.

Adelante looks towards continuing to build a brighter path together, fighting shoulder to shoulder with Latino communities across the USA to build a better America.      .

President Biden and the Democrats at large recognize that the future and prosperity of the United States is directly tied to the success of Latino families and communities across the country. Latinos are a vital part of their social and economic fabric that  makes this great nation of immigrants what it is. Latinos, with the Democrats, look Adelante.

Want to get involved? Here are three easy ways!

  • Become a Social Ambassador: Sign up to become a social ambassador via our Greenfly app today and have the latest social content from the Democratic Party sent directly to your phone. You can find directions to download the app here, and don’t forget to use the code ‘DEMSLATINO’.
  • Volunteer with Adelante: Volunteer using this form or texting ADELANTE to 43367. You can also find a list of existing events here.
  • Help Support Adelante by buying DNC program Merch:

○  T-shirt here

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