5 Menstrual Products You Might Want To Try

A few months ago, I asked my vagina how she felt about our period

Photo: Unsplash/@josefin

Photo: Unsplash/@josefin

A few months ago, I asked my vagina how she felt about our period. More specifically, how she felt about my methods for managing our period.

“Gurl, do you like using these tampons, or nah?” I asked my vag one day. We were on the A train, listening to John Mayer, when I caught her completely off guard. After a second, she pulled herself up by the labia, and really pondered the question out loud.

The thought of using another product just always felt like a hassle to learn; How do I empty The Diva Cup at work? What if the Thinx underpants leak on my Madewell jeans? We’ve been about the tampon household for years now; they’re easy, convenient and somewhat affordable.

“Are you concerned about the toxins and stuff” she finally asked. “Because I really don’t ever feel anything.” Which made some sense; while Toxic Shock Syndrome is a very real threat to our vaginal health, products have increasingly improved their products over the last several decades to reduce the threat of TSS. Still, with the success of organic brands like LOLA and medical grade silicone cups, one begins to wonder if the low risk is as good as no risk when it comes TSS.

“Maybe,” I told her. “Maybe for the toxins. But also, I’m just curious. Maybe we can try a cup or something.”

“Um… did you talk to your manicure?”

“Yes, Gina. They said I get wipes, we’re all good. Come on, it’ll fun.”

She was skeptical; but after folding herself tight for a few minutes in thought, she finally let the idea warm her insides. “Aight,” she said, finally. “But do NOT buy and cheap shit! You better do your research, hoe.”

Check out the various menstruation options I tried out during this experiment!


Experiment #1:

The Lena Cup

Photo: lenacup.com

Why I Tried it:

To be 100% honest, the $24.99 price tag on Amazon made me take it a bit serious and the 4.5 star ratings made it seem all the more legit. This FDA registered menstrual cup inserts just like a regular tampon, and can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours before you dump it in the toilet, rinse it off, and shove it back in again.

How it Works:

The box and my friends made it sound so simple. First, you learn how to fold it — choose one of three ways. And after finding what’s most comfortable to you and holding it tight, you gently and patiently slide it inside. After a few tries and being in the bathroom for twenty minutes, I started to get a bit anxious, but eventually, I got the thing in and heard the cup can POP open — a sign of success!

Except,  after a minute of walking around, I could tell the cup wasn’t actually in the right position. This was not success but extreme discomfort — and taking it out was even worse!

Final Thoughts: This takes practice. And more research than a quick glance on Amazon. Turns out, I should have read more reviews carefully and used smaller cones at first (mine was probably too big.)


Experiment #2

The Bamboo Pad from Wegrecco

Photo: Amazon.com

Why I Tried it:

Part of the reason I prefer to use tampons is because I enjoy the odor-free periods they provide. So when these reusable charcoal, bamboo pads from Wegrecco boasted high absorbency and neutralizing odors, I sincerely was curious enough to try it. They’re also reusable. 

How It Works:

These pads function just like any other pad. Slip it on, snap it around your underwear and go on about your day. It helps to move it a bit higher in the panty, just because you don’t have the sticky backs holding the pad in place. It moves a little, but not much.

Final Thoughts:

Real talk — all my girlfriends are getting these for Christmas. While I wasn’t crazy about the way it held my heavier flow (in fact, it felt like the blood wasn’t truly getting absorbed), it was perfect for my lighter days and insanely perfect as a panty liner. They hand-washed perfectly clean with soap and water, leaving no trace of a stain behind. They were also incredibly cooling; no extra heat that normal menstrual pads can create. Me and Vag gave this two labiums up.


Experiment #3

CORA Organic Tampons and Liners

Photo: cora.life

Why I Tried It

With their sustainable business model, every purchase of Cora’s completely organic product line helps another girl in need of menstrual pads. As if that’s not awesome enough, their sleek, discreet black packaging around their tampons had me extra hooked at hello.

How It Works

Cora is a subscription-based tampon program that delivers a full kit of products to guide you through each stage of your period. Their most popular plan, The Applicator Tampon Plan, has 12 organic tampons that range from light to Regular to Super, 6 Period Liners and 6 Body Cloths. If you are leery of jumping into their subscription plan, you can try their products on Amazon first. 

Final Thoughts:

The tampons were the dopest —No leaks. Super comfortable and wore them for hours without a hiccup. As for the liners; if you don’t mind feeling like your vag is constantly on fire because of how damn itchy this thing is — then sure. You’ll love these liners. Me —  I’ll be using them to clean the bathroom or something.


Experiment #4

L.Organic Tampons

Photo: thisisl.com

Why I Tried It

Because when you see pretty packaging in a Target tampon aisle for only $6.99, you don’t say no. You automatically assume it’s superior to all the rest because the design is just so damn pretty. And when the packaging says no rayons, chlorine processing or synthetic pesticides, you’re damn right it’s going in the cart! Safety first!

How It Works:

Just like any other tampon — except every and any other tampon could work better than these damn things. Oh, how I remember what my polkadot jumpsuit used to look like. The spots were oh so white and pretty! And now I just see the evidence of a menstrual leak gone terribly wrong after an hour of use, and on a train ride to dinner with my financé’s family.

Final Thoughts:

Hard pass. Terrible absorption. These assholes owe me a new jumpsuit.


Experiment #5

LOLA Tampons and pads

Photo: mylola.com

Why I Tried It

I happen to be a member of The Wing, an exclusive ladies-only workspace located in several parts of the country. When you walk into the bathroom, LOLA tampons are by every sink. It’s impossible not to try them.

How It Works:

Unlike CORA, these subscription-based tampons are NOT available anywhere else online, but their store. They also have more products; pads, condoms, lube, multi-vitamins and more. For a more holistic approach to your sexual health, LOLA strives to be in the position to support all your needs with products made for women, by women.

Final Thoughts:

Hands down favorite of the bunch. There were no leaks. The pad never felt uncomfortable. Both were the menstrual spa both myself and my vag deserve. An absolute must-try.

Got more ideas for me to try and review? Shout out in the comments below and we’ll give them a try and review!

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