5 Menstrual Products You Might Want To Try

A few months ago, I asked my vagina how she felt about our period. More specifically, how she felt about my methods for managing our period.

“Gurl, do you like using these tampons, or nah?” I asked my vag one day. We were on the A train, listening to John Mayer, when I caught her completely off guard. After a second, she pulled herself up by the labia, and really pondered the question out loud.

The thought of using another product just always felt like a hassle to learn; How do I empty The Diva Cup at work? What if the Thinx underpants leak on my Madewell jeans? We’ve been about the tampon household for years now; they’re easy, convenient and somewhat affordable.

“Are you concerned about the toxins and stuff” she finally asked. “Because I really don’t ever feel anything.” Which made some sense; while Toxic Shock Syndrome is a very real threat to our vaginal health, products have increasingly improved their products over the last several decades to reduce the threat of TSS. Still, with the success of organic brands like LOLA and medical grade silicone cups, one begins to wonder if the low risk is as good as no risk when it comes TSS.

“Maybe,” I told her. “Maybe for the toxins. But also, I’m just curious. Maybe we can try a cup or something.”

“Um… did you talk to your manicure?”

“Yes, Gina. They said I get wipes, we’re all good. Come on, it’ll fun.”

She was skeptical; but after folding herself tight for a few minutes in thought, she finally let the idea warm her insides. “Aight,” she said, finally. “But do NOT buy and cheap shit! You better do your research, hoe.”

Check out the various menstruation options I tried out during this experiment!




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