15 Examples Proving El Chapo Nail Art Is Definitely a Thing

Pop culture has a really interesting way of processing current events and their impact


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Pop culture has a really interesting way of processing current events and their impact. A perfect example of this is how people are gravitating towards all things Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, the infamous Mexican drug lord. Latinxs have always had a strange and complicated relationship with drug lords. On one hand, they’re criminals, murderers, and not a representation of who we are. But on the other hand, they are celebrated and idolized. Once multi-billionaire El Chapo is no exception.

An interesting manifestation of El Chapo’s fandom and the latest unique trend are nails festooned with his portrait and other symbols related to his profession (money, drugs, guns). Alexia’s Nails was on the forefront of creating El Chapo uñas back in 2016, and Cha Cha Covers manufactures those Joaquin Guzman nail decals so that anyone can shout him through their next manicure. We, of course, wanted to provide some inspiration — here are 15 examples El Chapo nails to check out!


More is More


Cha Cha Covers used to make this super ornate set of acrylic nails. Not only do you have photos of El Chapo but you also have cut-outs of money, intricate gold accessories, clear nails, and plenty of bling. Over the top and all the glitz is definitely a trend you will see with El Chapo nails.


A Saint and a Sinner

A neutral white background tempers these El Chapo nails a bit, but the details are all there. You have two different portraits of Joaquin Guzman, Mexican currency, iridescent crystals, the words “El Chapo,” and a religious drawing of St. Jude/San Judas Tadeo, the patron saint of lost causes.


Green is the Color of Money

Green is the color of money, so it’s a fitting hue when talking about Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera, who was once estimated (in 2016) to be worth a whopping $14 billion. It also was a part of this Chapo-inspired manicure, which also had few crystals on the ring fingers, framing his portraits.


Chapo Sparkle


Sparkle was the name of the game with these El Chapo nails. You have neutral black, glammed up with gold glitter and crystals. And two big themes within Chapo uñas are there — pictures of the drug lord, and actual money. The goal with these nails is to portray the level of wealth, excess, and success he achieved.


Men Do Designs Too

El Chapo nails, like anything regarding beauty, isn’t reserved for those who identify as women. Men and everyone else can get into the fun that is decorating your uñas — just look at Bad Bunny. This manicure features three photos of the Mexicano, along with an Old English initial.


Glow in the Dark

How do you take your El Chapo nails to the next level? Make it glow in the dark in this bish! Now everyone can see the Chapo art any time of day or night. Isn’t that what you want out of a manicure? Straight up 24/7 visibility!


Chapo Mex


Those repping El Chapo on their nails is also usually repping Mexico in other ways. These nails feature the word “Mex” in Old English letters, for example, in addition to a portrait of Joaquin Guzman Loera. The finishing touch? Tons of sparkly bling.


Money, Power, Respect


To many folks, El Chapo represents a number of things: a very successful Mexican who was able to fool the authorities numerous times and continue to do things on his terms. They seem him as multi-billionaire who created a life of money and power for himself. These nails take all those sentiments and translate them into nail form.


Short and Chic

Not all El Chapo nails have to be super long and decorated to the hilt. These Chapo nails are on the shorter side, in a deep, dark neutral hue, and feature some glam caviar nail art with crystals, on the index fingers. And of course, you can’t have Chapo nails without his portrait!


El Chapo and Teresa Mendoza

Some Chapo nails include portraits of other drug lords. This includes Griselda Blanco, Pablo Escobar, and even fictional drug lords like Kate del Castillo’s character in La Reina del Sur, Teresa Mendoza. These uñas feature pics of both El Chapo and Mendoza, along with a whole lotta gold sparkle, El Chapo’s name, and some moola.


A More Simple Sparkle

Another golden homage to Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera are these sparkly stiletto nails. They’re more subdued than the other Chapo nail options — just a bit of bling, a portrait, and a dollar sign. You still get the glam, moneyed idea, without the extra detail (which some love and others don’t).


A Touch of Chapo

Another more subdued set of nails inspired by El Chapo are these neutral uñas. These could be wedding nails, but they’re toughened up with the addition of a portrait of Joaquin Guzman. What’s cool about these nails and any nails that fall within a theme is that they show that you can rock a specific look in your own unique way.


El Chapo Quote

Not everyone was prepared to see El Chapo nails, as evidenced by this funny Facebook post. These particular nails feature Joaquin Guzman and sparkle like so many other El Chapo nails but a special detail takes them up a notch. The ring nails are emblazoned with the words he told to actress and friend Kate del Castillo” “te cuidare mas que a mis ojos (“I’ll take care of you more than my eyes”).”


The Longer the Nail, the More Detail You Can Add

The longer the acrylic nail, the more detail you can pile onto it. This point is proven with these super ornate El Chapo nails. You have Joaquin Guzman, Kate del Castillo, George Washington, real money, plenty of words, and spread-out sparkle.


Out of Left Field

This final set of El Chapo nails that we are going to be looking at are so incredibly different from all the other Chapo uñas, no?! How ironic that total hippie pastel psychedelic art also includes photos of El Chapo. But this super over-the-top, surreal style, is a thing apparently at Estilo Sinaloa.

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