15 Examples Proving El Chapo Nail Art Is Definitely a Thing


Photo Credit: Instagram (@nellynailedit, @iysel_garcia)

Pop culture has a really interesting way of processing current events and their impact. A perfect example of this is how people are gravitating towards all things Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, the infamous Mexican drug lord. Latinxs have always had a strange and complicated relationship with drug lords. On one hand, they’re criminals, murderers, and not a representation of who we are. But on the other hand, they are celebrated and idolized. Once multi-billionaire El Chapo is no exception.

An interesting manifestation of El Chapo’s fandom and the latest unique trend are nails festooned with his portrait and other symbols related to his profession (money, drugs, guns). Alexia’s Nails was on the forefront of creating El Chapo uñas back in 2016, and Cha Cha Covers manufactures those Joaquin Guzman nail decals so that anyone can shout him through their next manicure. We, of course, wanted to provide some inspiration — here are 15 examples El Chapo nails to check out!




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