Telemundo Will Air “El Secreto De Selena” for U.S. Viewers

Back in 1997, famed Puerto Rican journalist, Maria Celeste Arrarás released a scandalous book titled El Secreto de Selena (Selena’s Secret)

Photo: Instagram/elsecretodeselenatv

Photo: Instagram/elsecretodeselenatv

Back in 1997, famed Puerto Rican journalist, Maria Celeste Arrarás released a scandalous book titled El Secreto de Selena (Selena’s Secret). The book was published just two years after the tragic death of Selena Quintanilla, and it was based on a chilling interview with Selena’s killer Yolanda Saldivar. The Quintanilla family was against the book from the start. They said it was all based on lies, and they weren’t happy when the book then became a series. The show, however, was only syndicated in Mexico and Latin American markets until now. Telemundo will be airing El Secreto de Selena (Selena’s Secret) in the U.S. on August 25, and here’s why we are so excited for it.

Since the death of Selena, her family has been extremely protected about their daughter’s image in every sense of the word. Anyone who has ever attempted to release another side to the story has faced lawsuit after lawsuit. Just look at the legal drama that Chris Perez has suffered for his memoir To Selena With Love. While her widower wasn’t blocked from releasing his book, he has been thwarted from making a series out of the book. The family and Perez have been in a constant legal dispute over the matter. Her former husband should be allowed to tell his story and if the family has an issue with that, it’s their problem. The Quintanillas have such control over Selena’s legacy that we’re thrilled to be hearing a story that differs from their version.

We’re not saying that El Secreto de Selena (Selena’s Secret), which is based on the interview with Saldivar is accurate or not true, we’re just saying it’s time the public got to hear from someone else that the Quintanillas cannot control. There are so many Selena television projects in the works, and they’ve all been approved by the family, so we know these programs will be watered down in some way or another.

It’s no secret that Selena’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, was an authoritative figure and not the most understanding person, to say the least, so how will these shows depict him? Probably in the same way we saw in Selena the movie. El Secreto de Selena (Selena’s Secret) was scandalous at the time because of what Saldivar revealed and because the book disclosed more of what happened on the fateful day that Selena was killed. So, while we’re a little tired of Selena getting exploited, we’re thrilled to hear another side of the story.

The series will air on Telemundo, Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 10pm/9c. Here’s the trailer below.

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