Chingonas and Chicas Malcriadas: Empowering Tees That Make a Statement

Gorda, malcriada, perra. Too many Latinas have been insulted and shamed by words like these. But now, fierce Latinx fashion companies are stripping these controversial labels of their negative power and using them to inform their designs. These street wear statement pieces are helping women embrace their inner chingonas and chismosas with pride.

Esta Perra Si Muerde tee by Salsa for President

Those Make Salsa Spicy Again T-shirts that you saw floating around social media during the final weeks of 2016’s presidential election were born from the creative minds of Salsa for President. The unisex T-shirts grabbed on to cringeworthy right-wing tongue slips like “that Mexican thing” and “taco trucks on every corner” and made them into the best kind of resistance wear. Proudly made by a “pair of brown chingona hands,” according to their Insta, the line also takes aim at colonization, body image and machismo with their other message shirts, like this one that proclaims: ‘esta perra si muerde.’   




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