10 Essentials to Start Your Plant Mami Journey

From succulents to cute plant mami accessories, these Latina-owned brands have all you need

plant mami essentials

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For plant mamis, their plantitas are like their child and their care goes beyond the occasional watering. They care for them with such attention and detail that the time spent with them builds a sort of bond. Fresh into the new year, you may find yourself looking to pick up a new hobby and stepping into your plant mami era might sound like the right move. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, they also provide a great opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge about plants. If you are looking to start your own plant mami journey, look no further than this list to get you started on the path towards the plant mom life. From a The Juicy Leaf succulent kit to get your plant collection going to a plant mami hat from The LA Garden to let people know about your new venture, here are 10 essentials to get your plant mami journey started in 2024.

Bad Bunny Ceramic Pot With Tray & Succulent – SucculentMamis


This beautiful white ceramic square pot with Bad Bunny’s “Me Porto Bonito” lyric “No Ere’ Bebecita, Ere’ Bebesota” is the perfect starter pot to build your own plant collection. This pot—styled with a bunny repping el Conejo Malo—is 3.5 inch in diameter and 3 inch in height with its own ceramic tray and drainage hole for excess water. A cute addition to your plant mami journey to add some personality to your potted plants.

Bad Bunny Ceramic Pot With Tray & Succulent , $15, available at etsy.com.

Philodendron Cordatum – The Plant Chica 


Latina-owned and Los Angeles-based, The Plant Chica offers a variety of plants to get future and established plant mamis all the houseplants they could ever want. Founded by Salvadoran jefa Sandra Mejia, The Plant Chica specializes in providing plants that are not normally available in stores.This Philodendron Cordatum is a relatively easy plant to care for (especially as you begin your journey) and quite beautiful with heart shaped leaves, emerald leaves that just pour out of the pot.

Philodendron Cordatum , $13, available at theplantchica.com.

Mini Cast Iron Cauldron Candle – Latinx with Plants


Starting a new hobby can definitely be nerve-wracking, so setting up the best, most serene vibes to get started is essential. This Mini Cast Iron Cauldron Candle from Latinx with Plants is the perfect touch to your home to give you some peace and stress relief as you get your journey started. This 100 percent soy and lavender-scented candle is a collab between the brand and Easton Wicks, an LA-based business that specializes in candles made with soy wax and cotton wicks scented with natural oils and flowers.

Mini Cast Iron Cauldron Candle, $18, available at latinxwithplants.com.

Latinx with Plants – Zebra Plant


Native to Brazil, this Zebra plant (also known as Aphelandra squarrosa) is just one of the many plants that make up Latinx with Plants’ collection. Founded in 2019, Latinx with Plants offers an ample plant selection in their shop in Los Angeles and also has shipping available if you’re not local. If you’re looking to level up or feel ready for a bit of a challenge this plant is the one for you to test out your abilities.

Zebra Plant, $8, available at latinxwithplants.com.

Plant Mami Hat – The LA Garden


This Plant Mami hat from The LA Garden is a great way to show off your new status as a plant mami and maybe connect with fellow plant mamis’ The hat is a handmade adjustable dad hat that comes in a variety of colors: olive green, washed burgundy, washed yellow, and washed black. Created by Dianna Martinez, The LA Garden curates garden art including work for weddings and events as well as having a great selection of pottery, plants, stickers, and apparel.

Plant Mami Hat, $20, available at thelagarden.com.

The Juicy Leaf – Succulent Kit


The Juicy Leaf in Los Angeles offers everything from plant arrangements, candles, pottery to DIY plant kits for locals and for shippping. This succulent kit comes in two sizes (2 inches and 4 inches) and includes 9 beautiful succulents. If other kinds of plants don’t seem like your thing, these succulents are sure to get your plant mami journey going. Rather than collecting individual succulent plants, this kit gives you a full collection all in one and they’re all easy to maintain.

Succulent Kit, $26-$50, available at thejuicyleaf.com.

Bloom Where You’re Planted Spanish Tote Bag –  SaborLatinx


Adding to items that can show off your new status is this adorable tote bag from SaborLatinx. The bag dons the phrase “Florece Donde Estas Plantada” which translates to “Bloom Where You’re Planted”. An inspirational message meshing plants with personal growth is a great way to motivate yourself as a new plant mami and in your day-to-day life. This Latina-owned small business has many more bags, t-shirts, and hoodies just like this that uplift Latinas and celebrate our community.

Bloom Where You’re Planted Spanish Tote Bag , $19.99, available at etsy.com.

Plant Mister – Paraiso Plant Studio


Paraíso Plant Studio is a Latina-owned shop based in Berkeley, California that offers an influx of plant care items and an assortment of plants. A tool to add to your kit as a new plant mami is this Plant Mister from Paraíso Plant Studio Care brand. This glass mister is a ribbed bottle featuring a black PP pump with an adjustable brass sprayer. Perfect for those indoor plants that need gentle misting. Because of its petite size it’s perfect to keep on or near your desk for the occasional spritz for your plantitas as needed.

Plant Mister, $16.50, available at paraisoplant.studio.

Pruning Shears (Pink) – Las Selvas


Another tool that could be useful in your plant mami venture are these pink pruning shears from Las Selvas. Pruning, which is when you cut out parts of a plant as needed, is essential for maintenance and plant growth. These shears, on top of being beautiful, are extremely handy for pruning, snipping and deadheading making it a must-have. 

Pruning Shears, $18, available at laselvas.com.

Plantita Mami Sticker – Reina Artesana


This adorable Plantita Mami sticker is a cute addition to any plant accessories you have like a mister as well as your own water bottle, laptop, or planner. The sticker is dishwasher safe, waterproof and scratch resistant so you know it’ll last long. Reina Artesana includes a variety of stickers inspired by owner Margarita Munoz’s Latinx roots including another that features a heart-shaped nopal.

Plantita Mami Sticker, $3.50, available at etsy.com.

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