Largest Frida Kahlo Exhibit in 40 Years Happening in Chicago Next Year
Photo: Unsplash/@joshstyle
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This Summer’s Frida Kahlo Festival Looks to Be Completely Magical!

Frida Kahlo fans are planning to unite in July to celebrate the life of our favorite Mexican hero. There’s only one problem: It’s in San Francisco! So if you don’t live in Cali you better book your plane ticket now.

The fourth annual Fiesta Fridas will take place in throughout San Francisco, July 6-15, and if you haven’t been before, here’s what you can expect.

There’s going to be plenty of people with flower crowns, naturally.


There’s also going to be Frida impersonators.


Lots of amazing fashion.


People will also be exhibiting original art.

Here’s a look at the very first Fiestas Fridas.

We can only imagine how amazing it will be to be around so many lovers of Frida in one place all rejoicing in her beauty and inspiration. Viva la vida!

Click here for a complete run-down of the events taking place.