Viva La Frida: 9 Gift Ideas for Frida Kahlo Lovers

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Frida Kahlo was born more than a century ago but her fame and her iconic image have only grown in popularity through the decades. Her feminist ideals, passion and unique beauty altogether make for one of the fiercest Latinas in history. Though her body was broken due to polio and a tragic accident that left her with pain for the rest of her life, she didn’t let the physical setbacks  break her spirit. This collection of nine items commemorates her voice, her art and most of all her strength.  

Frida Kahlo Viva la Vida Pillow

Lay your head down on this inspirational pillow that reminds you to live your life and adds a little ferocity to your home decor. The design is an original work of art by Chunchitos, based in Mexico. Frida Pillow $34

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