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Celebrate Gay Pride Month in These 6 Latin American Cities

June is the start of gay pride month in the U.S., but the celebrations can be seen worldwide. Here’s how six Latin American cities are honoring pride month with activism, marches, games, and glitter.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Gay Pride HipLatina
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The first Mexico City gay pride parade dates all the way back to 1979! Some consider this metropolis of more than 10 million to have the biggest pride celebration in all of Latin America. This year’s parade is set for June 24 and the logo features a rainbow twist on the well-known Mexican eagle featured on the country’s flag. Long-standing activist groups like the Lesbian Mothers Network will be marching alongside the dancers, sparkles, and glitter. If you are looking for more of a fiesta, Thursday night is ladies’ night in the city’s aptly named gay district, Zona Rosa.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Gay Pride Flag HipLatina
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This year’s pride parade —the island’s 27th— is slated for June 25 originating from the Parque del Indio. Last year pride had more of a somber tone, as it took place right after the Orlando nightclub shooting where 23 of the 49 victims were Puerto Rican. But as the party goes on, don’t be afraid to show your solidarity in celebration at the gay-friendly Atlantic Beach Hotel in Condado or my personal fave, Circo, San Juan’s most popular gay nightclub.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade HipLatina
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Brazil has always been at the forefront of gay rights in Latin America, so it’s no surprise that Sao Paulo’s pride parade is one of the largest in the world. This year the focus will be on creating a more secular state, and it’s the first year that the city will host a sporting competition with the LGBTQ diversity games. In addition to the games, there is a full event schedule of memorials, parties, and cultural activities leading up to the finale and parade on June 18.

Caracas, Venezuela

Cachapa Crew Gay Pride Venezuela HipLatina
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Despite the recent political turmoil in Venezuela, Caracas still plans to hold it’s 17th Annual Pride Parade this year. The parade has become politicized this year—with separate pro- and anti-chavismo marches both scheduled for July 2. While Chavez did not openly support gay rights, he has voiced sympathy for the marginalized LGBTQ community in Venezuela. Groups like the Cachapa Crew (pictured to the left) regularly participate in the Caracas pride events to continue to raise awareness for the gay community.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota Gay Pride HipLatina
Photo Credit Noticias RCN

In 2016, Colombia became the fourth country in South America—after Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay—to legalize same sex marriage. That’s why Bogota’s pride, held the first weekend in July, was a big one last year with over 50,000 participants. The parade hits all of the city’s main outdoor sites from the Parque Nacional to the Plaza de Bolivar. Don’t forget to grab a bebida (or eight) at Bogota’s iconic nightclub Theatron—the largest gay nightclub in Latin America. With 13 different rooms and DJs, plenty of boys and girls, and an open bar until 2 AM, it’ll be easy to continue the gay pride partying.

Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires

Santiago de Chile Gay Pride HipLatina
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With opposite seasons south of the equator, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires hold their pride celebrations in the fall. However, there is still a smaller pride parade in Santiago during pride month itself on the last weekend of June. And while the Trump Administration remained silent on the subject, the U.S. Embassy in Chile honored Obama’s tradition of proclaiming June as Gay Pride Month.[tps_footer][article_ad][/tps_footer]

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