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Gina Rodriguez Can Salsa! We Had No Idea She Could Move Like That

Did you know Gina Rodriguez could salsa dance? We were so surprised by her dance moves on yesterday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Perhaps we’re not die-hard Gina fans because fans seem to be aware that she could bust a move.

Most people that appear on the Ellen show step out on stage by doing some kind of dance. Some of them, not all of them. So when Gina came out during her segment, she had a dance partner. And the two did some serious salsa steps.


The best part of the entire thing is that Gina wasn’t just dancing amazingly, she was having fun and improvising. She’s not one of those people that has to count every step and look at her dance partner’s feet so she doesn’t miss a step. The girl can move. Watch below.

The best thing about her performance is that she was doing it all for charity! Ellen gave her $10,000 for breast cancer awareness. But because Gina’s impressive dance moves were so good, she taught an Ellen producer how to dance too. Watch below:

And that little segment also got Gina another $10,000 for Puerto Rico hurricane relief. We forgot to point out that during Gina’s first dance segment. The 33-year-old actress was dancing to the song she did with Lin-Manuel Miranda called “Almost Like Praying.”

That $10,000 for Puerto Rico will be going to the Hispanic Federation organization.

And speaking of Lin-Manuel, the writer and producer gave her a big shout out too.

As you can see, we were not the only ones impressed by Gina’s dance moves. Now we’re not saying she needs to go on Dancing With the Stars, but Gina definitely needs to be dancing on TV more often because we cannot get enough.

What did you think of her salsa moves? Let us know in the comment section below.