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15 Halloween Makeup Tutorials You’ll Be Dying to Try Out

Whether you’re going to be a part of a small family/friends get together for Halloween, are going to be a part of a larger virtual party, or just want to get your practice in for next year while watching your favorite scary movies at home, it’s time to start trying out those fabulous Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube! We have steadily reported on the latest and greatest makeup how-tos that pop up around October, and this year is no different.

2020 hasn’t disappointed, for once, when it comes to the steady flow of Halloween makeup videos. We have skilled optical illusions, recreations of your favorite characters, and simple yet artsy versions of dress-up looks that anyone can master. We live for a good variety of options, from simple to over-the-top, and YouTube has got it all.

Since we plan on celebrating holidays even at home (because, why not), we wanted to share with you yet again some of our favorite Halloween makeup YouTube videos.

Cracked Face Makeup Illusion- Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Witte Artistry

Really cool makeup tricks the eye with fabulous optical illusions. One such optical illusion we want to try out is this cracked Halloween makeup by Witte Artistry. It makes you look like a shattered doll, and would look great with creepy, Victorian doll attire, and doll-like curls.

DOLL HALLOWEEN MAKEUP (cruelty-free products) by Devina Gohil

Speaking of dolls, we have another YouTube tutorial that will make you look like you came right out of a box. Devina Gohil’s how-to features huge eyes, expressive brows, and a ventriloquist puppet jaw hinge for added measure.


You can spend many years dressing up as Disney princess after Disney princess for Halloween (and many of you have!). A fun look to try out, which would also look fabulous as a glam going-out look is Snow White’s aesthetic. Nicol Concilio shows us how to achieve Snow White’s ruby red lips, flushed cheeks, and even adds some sparkle on the eyelid creases for a modern princess effect.

Gothic Skeleton | Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial by PlusSizeBarbieMUA

Whether you want to achieve a skeletal look for Halloween, or want to perfect your calavera look for Dia de los Muertos, you have to check out this YouTube makeup tutorial by PlusSizeBarbieMUA. She breaks down a goth skeleton effect that is minimal enough to still allow your skin and eyes to shine.

Spooky Halloween Makeup And Costume Ideas by 5-Minute Crafts FAMILY

We also go to YouTube to find cool last-minute ideas that are easy to execute. Channels like 5-Minute Crafts FAMILY jam pack videos with all sorts of easy to DIY tutorials and this one is not different. It features several makeup and costume ideas that will take any Halloween costume to the next level.

Coraline Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Embla Wigum

The 2009 stop-motion animated film Coraline continues to serve as spooky inspiration for Halloween costumes. In this YouTube makeup how-to by Embla Wigum, you too can look like Coraline, complete with oversized button eyes.

Pennywise Glam Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Keyana Talented

Pennywise, the scary clown from It, continues to pop up as a Halloween costume year after year lately. But have you seen a glam version of this character? Now you have! Keyana Talented solved the problem of those who want to look both scary and glamorous for Halloween. Her Pennywise look as sparkly red lips, golden eyes, and red statement brows. And we are totally here for it.

Jack O Lantern / Pumpkin Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Sarah Magic Makeup

Another Halloween optical illusion you have to try out (we have the extra time, so why not?!) is this spooky Jack-o’-lantern look by Sarah Magic Makeup. It appears as if a human face is pushed aside to reveal a Halloween pumpkin underneath. The remainder of the face is done up with matching hues on the eye. It’s the perfect makeup project to take on while hanging out at home.


Chucky is the horror doll that refuses to go away. He has haunted us since his debut on the big screen in 1988, which makes him a classic choice for a scary Halloween costume. Get his deranged look right with this makeup tutorial by Creative.Cliche.

Tim Burton Inspired Halloween Makeup by Taylor Bee

You can instantly identify a Tim Burton character by their huge, expressive eyes. Why not be your own Tim Burton character for Halloween? You can make it happen with this video tutorial by Taylor Bee. Once that’s done, you have to come up with a name (unless you want to be a character that already exists!).

Spooky Halloween Ideas For A Fun Party! DIY Costumes, Decor, and Snacks! by Crafty Panda HOW

Another Halloween compilation video that has a bunch of rad ideas for participating in Halloween well is this one by Crafty Panda HOW. In it, in addition to Halloween snacks, drinks, and decor, you will learn how to recreate some end-of-October makeup looks.


If you have a great, themed Halloween makeup look, you can pretty much wear what you want with it. Another fab tutorial that will have you looking Halloween ready, without a full-on costume is this payasa tutorial by Kimochi Doll. We like the addition of fun and feminine pops of color, as well as the matching collar, for added measure.

Becoming Joe Exotic with Makeup by Gwyneth Price Panos

Tiger King took America by storm, and has become a part of our recent pop culture, whether we like it or not. It is a trending Halloween costume theme this year, so expect to see a bunch of Joe Exotics and Carole Baskins walking around. If you want to recreate the look of one of the most zaniest people ever, look no further than Gwyneth Price Panos’ YouTube how-to, in which she becomes Joe Exotic right before our eyes.

Snow White Evil Queen Halloween Makeup! by Cosmobyhaley

After you get Snow White’s makeup look down, it’s time to recreate the look of her evil stepmother, the Evil Queen. And you don’t have to choose between her before and after look. Do them both with this cool split screen makeup effect by Cosmobyhaley.

Ferocious Feline Halloween Makeup Look How-To with Sn0ok by KVD Vegan Beauty

Chances are, you have probably dressed up as an adorable animal more than once in your life. After all, the costume it’s so easy to put together, even last minute. Just get some ears, perhaps a tail, and focus on the fabulous makeup. Just like what is shown in this makeup tutorial by KVD Vegan Beauty. Anyone can be a feline with just a few swipes of a black pencil, as well as some other cosmetic touches.