5 Easy Changes To Make For A Healthy Family Lifestyle

Staying healthy and fit as a family doesn’t need to be a hard task

Photo: Unsplash/@pablomerchanm

Photo: Unsplash/@pablomerchanm

Staying healthy and fit as a family doesn’t need to be a hard task. Having options—for family exercise, activities, eating right, and a healthy lifestyle—can have a positive effect on everyone. Start early, by doing your research and adding lifestyle changes, while keeping family in mind. In the end, everyone benefits, and the positive results will radiate that path to ultimate fulfillment.

Change Your Oil

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So what are some ways to get started?  Research shows that even small changes in diet can offer long term effects. Such changes can include changing the oil used in traditional recipes.  For instance, instead of using lard in recipes such as homemade tortillas, try using a lighter oil such as olive or sunflower oil.

Add Some Spinach

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Switching from iceberg lettuce as a vegetable filling in salads, on burritos and in other dishes, to darker leaves like spinach, is a great way to add more fiber, iron, and other nutrients to your diet. Spinach is not only healthier than its paler cousin—it’s also flavorful!

Try Lean Meats

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Substituting certain meat dishes with leaner meats, such as baked/grilled chicken or fish, will reduce your fat intake. You will still be supplied with protein, niacin, and other beneficial vitamins.

Make fruits your sweets.


Instead of dessert, go for a small fruit and yogurt cup to stave away that sweet tooth after dinner. Yogurts have live and active cultures, and probiotics, that stimulate overall good stomach and body health. Fruit is a natural sugar that helps with cravings, and many also contain antioxidants, which are important in flushing away toxins.

Go for a Walk.

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You can further create an atmosphere of constant activity in your family home by encouraging everyone to go for walks. By going on walks as a family, not only do you get a breath of fresh air and together time, you also encourage your body to actively process food and carbohydrates, which can than be processed as energy. Exercise also helps keep stress levels down, and creates a positive first step towards long-term lifestyle changes.

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