HipLatina Horoscope: Week of June 18th

Summertime is here this week and the planets are all lined up to bring in the good vibes

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Summertime is here this week and the planets are all lined up to bring in the good vibes. This can really be an exciting, social week for many of you! Check out the horoscopes below to navigate your week.


This could be a week where you live in your thoughts a bit. You should be aware of this, and try to give yourself plenty of  healing space between what you want and what’s coming at you. If something does not go your way this week, you can take it for what it is, or really rip someone a new one. The planets are advising a more civil approach, of course. And if you can take the high road, this week, please do. It’s in your best interest.


The universe must really want you to have an amazing summer. Do you have a happy hour to go to on Tuesday? Perhaps you should create one! Everyone would come, have a great time, and would be the perfect way get that boss or coworker to finally notice your charm and grace. There’s something about you that most will find wildly attractive this week — work it to your advantage!


This is a good time to collect your own thoughts — not everyone else’s. There is something you are going to see or understand about a problem that just won’t click for other people. Spend less time trying to convince them this week that you are right (because you probably are) and more time thinking of how you can make your idea bulletproof.


If you can get away this week, you should go for it. There is a relaxed energy around you now that wants you to take moments for yourself to just rest. And if you’re surrounded by chaos, put an effort into making that moment for yourself. The planets are helping you to look at self-care on a very selfish, but rewarding level this week.


Sometimes it just feels like you are taking two steps forward and five giant leaps back. That illusion will spin our heads around and stop us from trying to find a new way forward. This week, you could feel tempted to shut down and hide from the world. But truth be told, it’s all in your head. What’s happening now is a lot closer to enlightenment than you give it credit for.


If you are feeling the itch to be around someone who makes your heart sing — I say go for it. Peaceful and chill relationships are what will keep you flying high this week. Anything that has significant meaning — i.e. your career or long-term love — is going to make your head spin. Someone is not keeping it real. If you can focus your energy on friends that make you smile, even if they are acquaintances or around just for one night — they will give you the secret strength you need to move through this week’s transitions.


Get out. Get the freakum dress out — or the job portfolio out — and shake what your mama gave ya. You could really crush it this week when it comes to meeting new people. If you get an invite to a party or an event after work, this is your opportunity to step up and show out. Even if you’re introverted AF, you’re going to feel like Elizabeth Taylor with an influence like this.


This week you need to get serious about one specific thing, which will feel hard because Neptune has your head in a vice right now. But you need to create a better list for self-care, and USE it. The confusion you are experiencing is set to last till September. That’s a long time to be fighting against the current. Instead, plan long bike rides, or spa treatments that will help you find the space to think out options.


This is a lean back week for you. No matter what drama someone tries to pick, or how badly your boss wants you to go the extra mile and stay late at the office. You aren’t falling for it. The planets have built you an extra comfy chair this week for you to lean back, and relax in your self-confidence. Your intuition will help guide the way.


It’s always nice to have a helping hand from friends. However, you can’t just assign any old friend a job.You need to find the right person for the task every time — not everyone is as all body-abled as you. This week, to ease your frustration and the temptation to go off on your own, try to pick better people to help you. Try to walk away from those who are driving you crazy.


You can pretty much box your way out of every situation, but this week the universe is putting up a big pause sign. You might even feel like someone has tied your hands and wants to play a cruel cruel joke on you. It’s all about perspective — and a long game. When someone says you can’t, take a minute before you respond, and google up 10 different ways that says you can. Hold onto your power this week through wisdom, not fists.


This could be a real dream come true week. You can have almost anything you want, and meet all the new exciting personalities that will help you achieve the next venture you’d like to take off for you. But (and there’s always a but) if you want to keep your spoils this week, it’s better to do it with strategy and patience. Avoid aggressively scooping up everything that walks and be selective. The treasure you pick now could have a lasting effect throughout your summer.

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