HipLatina Style: Latina Brand Accessories To Buy—Like Ahora!

Each week, in a column called HipLatina Style, we take a look at the different ways that Latinas show off their unique style, and share it with the world

Photo: Instagram                                     /@shopmivida

Photo: Instagram /@shopmivida

Viva La Bonita Mujeres Can Do Anything Tote Bag, $30

Tote bags are great. You can use them for buying groceries, carrying your schoolwork, or just as a cartera. Like T-shirts, they’re even better when emblazoned with dope messages, like this one from Viva La Bonita.

Selena Pins, $14 each

Pins are a fun, colorful way to show the world your personality, and likes. We love Selena, and usually want to buy anything with her image on it. These pins by Mi Vida are so pretty, and look just like the superstar.

Hija de tu Madre Poderosa Gold Plated Bangle Set, $55

Ok, so, apparently we like to share messages—but we have a lot to say! Hija de tu Madre knows what’s up, so they made this Poderosa Bangle Set with powerful, positive reminders that you got this.

Coyol Closet Lindos Sueños Earrings, $22

Tassel earrings have been all the rage. Wearing the latest trends just feels better when you’re simultaneously supporting small, Latinx-owned businesses in the process. These ornate, colorful earrings, by Coyol Closet (made by Mexicano Felipe Sanchez), are the perfect pop of color for so many outfits.

Palm Tree Dreams Play at Your Own Risk Clutch, $55


Some of the coolest Latinx brands take chola style, and translate it into supercool items. These products are classic and recognizable, but also fit in perfectly with the current trends. These domino clutches are a perfect example of this—so genius!

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