Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Girl Boss Aries

Fun, free-spirited, and fiercely independent, Aries tend to be creative, passionate, and energetic leaders who like to follow their dreams and be in charge

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Fun, free-spirited, and fiercely independent, Aries tend to be creative, passionate, and energetic leaders who like to follow their dreams and be in charge. They are assertive, persistent, and courageous individuals who are able to push things forward with enthusiasm and persevere through pretty much anything. Aries is the first fire sign in the zodiac, so they can also be headstrong, short-tempered, and stubborn about getting their way. They are go-getters when it comes to their careers and girl bosses in other areas of their lives too. When shopping for an Aries you definitely want to look for things that speak to her boldness whether it be a red lipstick — they gravitate toward fiery shades — or anything that helps her to express her bright and bold personality. For some more ideas, check out these Latinx-owned gift ideas your Aries friend will definitely dig!



Aries are passionate and don’t hold back when it comes to fighting for what they believe in. They often engage in activism and aren’t silent when they are advocating for a cause. If your girl is all about reproductive rights, she would totally dig this tee created by Kim Guerra of Brown Badass Bonita.

MIS REGLAS Tee, $28,


Vive Cosmetics Luchadora Lipstick

What did I say about red lipstick? Aries not only gravitate towards bold colors but when it comes to makeup — they love going for an unapologetic fierce shade of red. It’s legit like their thing. She’d also be ALL for this product description which reads: “Because todas somos luchadoras. We are all badass mujeres and people striving for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our families, and our people. Feel extra fierce in this vivid true red shade and kick some butt!” The new packaging is fire too!

Vive Cosmetics Luchadora Lipstick, $20,


Frida Kahlo AirPod Case

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a cancer but Aries can still deeply relate to her strong sense of self and style, her bold, fearless, and unapologetic personality and creativeness. Not only does this keep her AirPods in an organized and secure place but she’ll be psyched to see a badass artist on it — that we’re almost certain she’s already a fan of.

Frida Kahlo AirPod Case, $13,


Make Jefa Moves 2020 Weekly Planner

You already know that your Aries friend is pretty much a natural-born leader. But what you might not be aware of is that 2020 is going to be the year of the Jefa. So what better way to celebrate that and the badass of a woman that your fellow homegirl is than with this cool and bilingual planner. It’s a great way for her to keep organize, map out her goals, celebrate Latinx culture — all while participating in self-care.

Make Jefa Moves 2020 Weekly Planner, $50,


Alamar Cosmetics DeNUDEas Lip Gloss

As much as she loves her bold red lipstick, Aries also enjoy switching it up and who doesn’t appreciate a good shiny gloss these days? Get her brown nude one that gives off fun 90s beauty vibes while also complimenting her natural beauty. There’s one for every skin tone here and the applicator is straight-up genius!

Alamar Cosmetics DeNUDEas Lip Gloss, $15, 


Eres Fuego Necklace

Aries tend to have a pretty good sense of style and love accessorizing. They enjoy a good statement jewelry piece just as much as the next fashionista. This gold-plated necklace isn’t just chic but it’s a great reminder that she’s fuego!

Eres Fuego Necklace, $50,


Chula by Amanda Alcantara

What better way to have your Aries bestie start off the new year than with a good read? Written by Dominican writer Amanda Alcantara, this soulful read consists of journal entries, short stories, and poems that touch on Latiniad and Afro-Caribbean identity. It’s healing in many ways, so consider this an investment in your girlfriend’s self-care.

Chula by Amanda Alcantara, $16,


Loisa Sazon & Adobo

Aries tend to live active lives and prioritize keeping their bodies strong and healthy. Part of being healthy is being conscious of the foods you eat. For the Aries Latina who still enjoys herself a traditional plate of Latino food, help her switch out her Goya Adobo and Sazon (that are loaded with chemicals) for organic alternatives like Loisa Organic Adobo and Sazon. Her well-being and taste buds would thank you for it!

Loisa Sazon & Adobo, $13,


Botanika Beauty The Inner Goddess Bundle

Your Aries friend takes her wellness and self-care practice even into her beauty routines. If she’s a curly-haired girl, hook her up with Ada Rojas’ Botanika Beauty curly hairline made of natural ingredients we grew up buying at our local botanicas, like sage, mango butter, and garlic. Don’t know where to start? We highly recommend The Inner Goddess Bundle. It’s got everything she needs!

Botanika Beauty The Inner Goddess Bundle, $68,


Selena Con Rollos Poster

If your Aries friend is a Selena Quintanilla fan, chances are she knows the Tejano singer was a fellow Aries herself! It makes sense considering how bold, passionate and fearless she was. Created by Dominican, NYC-based artist Tony Peralta, this poster originated from his “Rolos & Icons” exhibition and series, a collection of screen-printed paintings of powerful and iconic Latina women through history rocking the rollos. Who wouldn’t love this?

Selena Con Rollos Poster, $40,


Happy Organics CBD Tincture

As hard-working and driven as Aries are, they also have a tendency of getting anxious and adding a little CBD oil to her drinks or meals could be just what she needs, especially to start off the new year. Based out of California, Jessica Gonzalez is the genius behind Happy Organics, which started off as a honey company. After years of beekeeping with her grandfather in Michoacán, Mexico, she decided to create products combining raw honey with CBD to help ease pain. You might want to add her CBD Raw Honey to your friend’s gift bag too!

Happy Organics CBD Tincture, $62-$110,


Shop Latinx Ring Cups

We appreciate everything about these teeny tiny and colorful ring cups and we think the Aries in your life will too! These do more than just store your rings. They also work as really stylish dresser accessories and are an easy way to support a Latinx-owned business. It’s a win-win — really!

Ring Cups, $18,


Beladoce Botanicals Beauty Affirmation Candle

Aries tend to have a hard time slowing down, so encourage your friend to make more time for self-care come 2020 by engaging in activities that are uplifting and help clear her mind. This affirmation intention candle features notes of real palo santo oil, tonka bean, vanilla, oud & blood orange, along with positive affirmations she can say out loud while she meditates: I love myself, I love my skin, I am beautiful, always.

Beladoce Botanicals Beauty Affirmation Candle, $12,


Menos Mas Matcha Mint Purifying Mask

Aries enjoy looking on point at all times. And while she loves herself a good red lipstick and a dope outfit, she also likes to take time to take care of her skin. Get her something that will detox her skin and that’s made of safe and natural ingredients like finely milled green tea — aka matcha — along with montmorillonite clay and mint that will keep her skin, smooth, calm, clear, and radiant. Did we mention this clean and gender-neutral brand is owned by a Dominican woman? More reason to buy and support it!

Menos Mas Matcha Mint Purifying Mask, $52,


Hause of Curls “Please Don’t Touch My Hair T-shirt

For the curly-haired Aries in your life who isn’t afraid to make a bold statement and incorporate it in her style — this is for her!

Hause of Curls “Please Don’t Touch My Hair T-shirt, $25,

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