HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 4th

There are so many planetary themes happening this week that call for us all to take a minute and just breathe. To choose how we respond to life’s stresses with care and intention. To really embrace the good that is happening right now and to create even more positive experiences for ourselves by the might of our own will. With the full moon rising in Sagittarius on Friday, June 9th, the feeling to get it all straightened out right now will feel like a must. But instead of forcing the hand, the skies are saying to look at your options, use time to your advantage and make the most of what you have. Or you may lose more ground than you’re willing to make up for later on.

Sometimes, your next best career move can be as simple as stacking a few options on the side. When’s the last time you updated your resume? Or had an interview with a company just to put a feeler out? How much effort have you put into that great idea you had recently? This is the time to grab your future by the reigns and create possibilities to nurture later on — do not give up right now. Diversifying the seeds for your future will greatly help you weave through other life and office dramas that might be wearing on your nerves. Venus is giving you the extra push this week to meet new people, while Uranus is tempting someone from your past to reach out and say hello. Influences like these don’t last forever, so get your booty out there and start sewing the future that you’ll want to harvest later this year.




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