HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 4th

There are so many planetary themes happening this week that call for us all to take a minute and just breathe

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

There are so many planetary themes happening this week that call for us all to take a minute and just breathe. To choose how we respond to life’s stresses with care and intention. To really embrace the good that is happening right now and to create even more positive experiences for ourselves by the might of our own will. With the full moon rising in Sagittarius on Friday, June 9th, the feeling to get it all straightened out right now will feel like a must. But instead of forcing the hand, the skies are saying to look at your options, use time to your advantage and make the most of what you have. Or you may lose more ground than you’re willing to make up for later on.

Sometimes, your next best career move can be as simple as stacking a few options on the side. When’s the last time you updated your resume? Or had an interview with a company just to put a feeler out? How much effort have you put into that great idea you had recently? This is the time to grab your future by the reigns and create possibilities to nurture later on — do not give up right now. Diversifying the seeds for your future will greatly help you weave through other life and office dramas that might be wearing on your nerves. Venus is giving you the extra push this week to meet new people, while Uranus is tempting someone from your past to reach out and say hello. Influences like these don’t last forever, so get your booty out there and start sewing the future that you’ll want to harvest later this year.


Humans are social beings: we thrive and do well when we have intimate human connections. Without them, no matter how hard we work or how successful we become, our happiness truly multiples when we have friends and loved ones to share it with. The cosmos are suggesting you take the time to reinvest in those loved ones this week. This is especially true if you’ve been killing it in your own personal goals lately. Your friends or significant other are seeking time and attention from you. Perhaps you can take advantage of Uranus influence in your chart this week, and plan a more thrilling and fun outing for the two of you, making it more worth your while to take a pause and socialize.


While we can’t control what someone is going to say to us, we can absolutely control our response back to them. That’s the real power the stars want you to reach for; to use the lessons of your past and dictate what deserves your attention and what does not. Since the Sun moved back into your house last week, you probably have been feeling a little more like yourself. And I know this must feel like a huge relief, given the events of the past few weeks. But feeling good and being fully healed from the recent drama are two very different things. Conversations you have this week may trigger some of those wounds — and you can choose to move through it quickly or lament and feel sorry for yourself. My suggestion: put aside a few dollars for a shopping trip to Sephora. When you feel tempted to really wallow, splurge on a few make-up goodies that will keep your confidence boosted throughout the week.


Someone from your past is thinking of you— and they might actually get the nerve to reach out this week. And honestly, the reunion could go either way: when the moon and Uranus sync up this week, both suggest strong possibility for a reconnection. And as the moon Trines with Neptune the chance for forgiveness shines strong within in your chart. But what should you do? Is it safe to trust again? The answer lies within your ruling planet, The Moon. He is always showing us that our outward relationships are mirrors to our inward relationship to ourselves. Ask yourself if this is the type of relationship you want to perpetuate in your own self-conscious. Is it a connection of love, prosperity, inspiration and enlightenment? Or is it one that makes you feel not good enough, small and insecure. Are you ready to only accept positive relationships in your life? The choice is up to you.


Here’s your crown: fix it nicely like the Rihanna meme and don’t forget to smile. This is your time to shine. Jupiter is filling up your calendar with great opportunities and fun social moments that you’re really going to love. Consider adding charity or spending time with an older family member to your list. You’ll enjoy how this reminds you of your true purpose in life, which will help you feel even better when you find something amiss in communications this week. It’s likely that you’ll also experience a bit of deception or restriction from someone, and it could drain your batteries a bit. Instead of wasting time in anger, you’d be better off to remember the joy of knowing your purpose and polishing off your new crown. The drama is no longer worth your time, Queen.


This is the week to trust that intuitive instinct of yours — and ignore the bad habit you have of getting in your head too much. Something or someone might be asking you to commit this week, but Pluto in your charts makes you think twice, or maybe even three times. Is this situation the right for you? It’s hard to tell, as Jupiter is also pulling at your consciousness to understand who you are versus who you think you should be. This is a week where you might feel the need to move forward, and discontinue an uncomfortable circumstance — but just can’t seem to figure out what your next move should be. It’s a confusion that should last only a few days, no matter how intense and permanent it may feel. Take long walks in nature or cook highly elaborate meals to help you meditate on the situation. Some space away from it all, with some agenda of gentle productivity, should help you figure out what you really want.


Sex with me so amazing… should be your mantra. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time to get out and meet a few potential mates. Venus is providing a great socializing atmosphere around you and Uranus is here to bring your all the exciting, kinky thrills. For those in relationships, now might be a fun time to introduce a new toy into the routine or kick up your sext game. Just have fun and express yourself. The universe wants to balance your scales with experiences that help you refresh your understanding of how the world works. All work and no play is a horrible way to live your life. Cash in on this positive influence of love while it’s in your charts now. You’ll feel it’s positive effects for years to come.


A bad temper is a beautiful thing to finally let go of. Saturn is working through your charts again this week to help you understand the power you have in the words you chose. Or don’t chose — sometimes silence can be the most profound and life-altering response of them all. If you can get away from the drama this week, you’ll actually find that it’s a pretty great time to be you. Venus is bringing your social life some good times and the full moon on Friday is here for you to reflect on where you’ve been, what you’re no longer willing to put up with and to finally let some things go to the wayside. You’ll really start to feel back in your power this week, which has honestly been long overdue.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is finally going direct this week after months of being in retrograde. Unlike other retrogrades, like when Mercury makes everything go haywire, Jupiter pushes things along and gives your ambitions a big boost. But moving forward does require a quite a bit of effort, doesn’t it? There were a lot of ups and downs with this influence, and you’re going to feel one of two ways this week: you’ll either be happy you put in that effort now or pissed you avoided the work. If you’re feeling happy, keep a good thing going by using the energy of the full moon on Friday to grab some gardening gloves and plan ahead —  your harvest time is on its way. If you are feeling a bit pissed, don’t worry. You’ll get this benefit again from your planet in a few months time. Instead of wasting time being jealous of other’s successes, get started on your own ambitions now. Life’s short — no need to make the same mistake twice.


If everyone were physically, emotionally and mentally able to climb Mt. Everest, then Nepal would be filled with Marriotts and Kimpton hotels at both base camps of the mountain. They’d churn out millions of hikers nearly all year long, with cold brew to-go coffee cups and energy bar machines along the way. But you know this — I know this — climbing mountains isn’t for everyone. Most people can’t do what you can do, Cappy girl. This week, the altitude sickness of your ambitions might catch up to you. Neptune is playing with your energy this week, bringing feelings of being misunderstood and deep isolation. But instead of worrying about who you can trust and who really has your back, consider shifting your focus on who you are. You are doing the impossible right now — and you are the one who is actually capable of pulling it off. Use the influence of being conjunct with the natal moon to be self-sufficient and keep climbing.


You can be the world’s best race car driver and have the world’s fastest running car. But the truth of the matter is, you’re not winning any NASCAR race without a decent, loyal pit crew by your side. This week, as you’re fluttering through social affairs and picking up the fun adventures that Uranus is throwing your way, and rekindling old connections that the Moon may want to bring along, you’re going to want to simultaneously spent time with your own personal pit crew. It could be a local yoga studio, your family, a new cooking hobby or even redecorating your home. Whatever nurtures you most and makes you feel grounded, make sure you carve out time to create a real habit of indulging in it. You’ll be happy you have a place to turn to when the throws of your social and work life really drive you nuts this week.


If life is a pendulum, and you’ve felt the last few weeks swinging in a direction that’s been a bit of a pain in the ass, you can expect things to come back to a direction that feels better this week. Someone owes you an apology, or at least some recognition that you do an incredible amount of hard work (and that should not be taken advantage of.) As one of your ruling planets moves out of Retrograde this week and the other falls trine with Neptune, you’ll find the perfect combination for things to slow themselves down and for people to really understand what you’ve been up to. And Jupiter slowing it’s super boosting ways down, people will be able to see that while you are indeed wonder woman, you’re also just a human who needs some damn respect. You should start seeing the seeds of that convo happening this week.[tps_footer][article_ad][/tps_footer]

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