‘The House on Mango Street’ Will Finally Be Made Into a Televised Drama

We are beyond thrilled to share with you the news that The House on Mango Street will be made into a TV drama

Photo: Unsplash/@otutunaru

Photo: Unsplash/@otutunaru

We are beyond thrilled to share with you the news that The House on Mango Street will be made into a TV drama. Deadline is reporting that Gaumont, a film and TV company, has gotten the rights to make the timeless novel by author Sandra Cisneros into a televised show. 

It has yet to be revealed if The House on Mango Street will be a televised movie, a one-off series, or a new show. We do know that the book will most likely be seen on a streaming channel. Deadline also reports that Cisneros has previously rejected the idea that her book, The House on Mango Street, be made into a film or TV show, but she has since changed her mind. 

“I write because the world we live in is a house on fire, and the people we love are burning,” Cisneros told the publication. “Television has grown up in the last 20 years, and now is the time to tell our stories.”

Yes, it is, Sandra. We could not agree with you more. With all studies that show the lack of Latinx representation in TV and film — not to mention the surrounding controversies regarding the non-authentic portrayal of Latinx people being told in offensive ways, it’s so good to see that the words of Cisneros coming to broad audiences. 

Gaumont is the producer behind several films and shows, including most recently Narcos, Hannibal, and El Chapo. If the drama is picked up, Cisneros will have an executive producer credit on the show. 

The House on Mango Street is a timeless story that captures the struggles, dreams, and spirit of a young woman who epitomizes the experience of many young women coming of age in America today. It’s an inspiring and uplifting story that speaks to the challenges faced by so many trying to find their place in society,” Gene Stein, Gaumont’s president of U.S. Television told Deadline. 

For those who have yet to read The House on Mango Street, which is a must-read for high school and college students, the story centers around Esperanza Cordero, an intelligent and imaginative Mexican-American teenager living in Chicago. Esperanza also serves as the narrator in the novel. We meet her family and friends through vignettes as Esperanza takes readers on an unforgettable and touching journey. We could tell you more, but you’re going to have to read the book for yourself AND THEN watch this new drama. 

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