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ICE Had Families At The Border Sign Documents They Couldn’t Read

The stories revolving around the families separated at the border have been devastating and things haven’t exactly improved. Last week we learned about how ICE arrested a husband who was on his way to take his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth to their baby. Hundreds of migrant kids remain in custody and have yet to reunite with their parents. Now we’re hearing that immigration authorities had forced dozens of parents separated from their children at the border to sign documents that they didn’t understand.

The families were given forms in English that they couldn’t even read. None of them realized that they were essentially giving away rights to reunite with their children because they had no clue as to what they were signing. How messed up is this? It gets worse too. There were even parents who actually got to reunite with their children and were threatened they’d be separated again if they did not agree to deportation with their children. This is beyond cruel.

According to reports, attorneys with the Immigration Lawyers and the American Immigration Council spoke to at least 76 parents who claim they were forced to sign English documents they couldn’t even read.

We’ve seen some pretty inhumane things happen to immigrants at the border since the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy went into effect. Hundreds of families have been separated at the border, in some cases, the children were taken to other parts of the country, we’ve seen immigration officials treat the families poorly, children have been placed in cages like animals and one even died. Though the government was forced to reunite families, there are still so many who haven’t be reunited and stories like this one just continue to unfold.