Jefa’s Desk: Unraveling the Journey of Success of a Latinx Creative Couple

Curious about the essentials gracing the desks of highly accomplished jefas, aiding in their workload management and motivation? In this edition of Jefa’s Desk, we spotlight Rachel Gomez and Fredo Tovar—a dynamic Latinx power couple, renowned for their inspirational journey of entrepreneurial success and growth

Viva La Bonita by Doordash

Credit: Jamie Hurtarte


Over twelve years, Rachel Gomez and Fredo Tovar have forged a long path to establish a stable and thriving working business in the fashion industry, the vibrant brand Viva La Bonita. On top of that, they are also parents to a seven-year-old boy and a baby, whose caring responsibilities intertwine constantly with their growing company’s demands.

Level-headed, and down-to-earth, Rachel and Fredo -a filmmaker, producer, and mastermind behind the brand’s distinctive visual identity- work hard and never take anything for granted. “Fredo is a super-disciplined person. It was never difficult for us to work much, even when the company was giving us no revenue at all. But we always treated the brand as if it would have been working. When it got overwhelming, we managed to become good at prioritizing and staying true to our purpose,” Rachel grants.

Viva La Bonita by Doordash
Credit: Jamie Hurtarte

As accomplished as they are busy, they carry out an intense daily routine to make ends meet by running this prosperous venture and keeping their family nurtured, together, and organized. ”Every day brings something new. It’s about navigating the chaos,” Rachel explains amid laughter.  

They strive to maximize their oldest son’s time at school, squeezing in as many work tasks and responsibilities as possible. After pick-up, it’s a rush to get to soccer drop-off and other activities in the afternoons. In this context, Doordash has become no less than a lifeline for them, essential in many aspects to sustain their challenging lifestyle.  No matter what happens, they trust it to navigate any complexity. For example, with little time to spare, they rely on Doordash’s delivery service to get their fundamental meals every day, whose favorites they both know by heart. “We need to make every minute count and Doordash ensures we maintain our energy levels without wasting time going out to eat,” she emphasizes.

Finding harmony amidst the hustle is a key part of avoiding burnout. “We have learned to discern priorities and know when we can and can’t step away,” she reveals, Planning does the magic. “Fredo and I have really good communication to decide what needs to get done and how. Being as busy as we are, we both live with full intention toward what we believe in, and what we want to achieve at every step of the way. Our kids are always our priority, and we are also inspired by that to do our best possible work,” she comments.

Rachel’s Vibrant Office

Rachel’s office embodies the colorful, vibrant and dynamic essence she imprinted to Viva La Bonita. “There is always a lot going on, but it can also be a chill, peaceful place where we all are focused on getting our work done at our best,” she explains.

Viva La Bonita by Doordash
Credit: Jamie Hurtarte

These are some of the most meaningful and important items on this jefa’s desk:

Viva La Bonita by Doordash
Credit: Jamie Hurtarte

1- A picture of her son when he graduated Kindergarten. “A precious reminder of what is most important in life,” she indicates with tenderness.

2- A 3D-printed truck, an exact miniature replica of the Viva La Bonita truck used for pop-up sales—a similar taco truck. It was a friend’s gift. “One of our boldest risks was investing in the truck,” Rachel reflects, “and it stands as a testament to the remarkable outcomes of our hard work.”

3- On her desk sits a small plaque from Shopify, commemorating their achievement of reaching 100,000 sales on the platform. “It serves as a reminder of our journey and growth,” Rachel assures. “Initially, we hesitated to adopt it—it was a costly investment, introducing an entirely new system. Yet, we’ve not only overcome our fears but also thrived.”

4- “My Laptop”. She defines it as “her whole world”. “It is like my baby. It has Viva La Bonita stickers all over it. It is THE brand,” she states, confidently.

5- A paper notebook. “I like to write everything down,” Rachel explains. “I journal things we want to do, so I do not forget anything. After, it is very rewarding to review and realize that those plans and dreams manifested in real life.”

Viva La  Bonita by Doordash
Credit: Jamie Hurtarte

6- “My Phone”. “We run everything off of the phone. Our campaigns are 95% shot on the iPhone, and that’s how we communicate with our community on social media,” she states.

Adorned with frames displaying the inspiring and empowering quotes that define their brand, Rachel’s workspace reflects their values and vision, fueling her constant motivation and productivity. Surrounding herself with these powerful messages has enabled her to overcome self-doubt and insecurities. “We aim to practice what we preach,” she assures, “and reinforce the voice we raise within our community, for ourselves as well. I have realized you do not need to alter your essence to achieve great things. Authenticity is a more powerful value,” she concludes.

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