See John Leguizamo Transform Into Frida Kahlo for Broadway Show

John Leguizamo is finally opening his new Broadway show and he also has a new look

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

John Leguizamo is finally opening his new Broadway show and he also has a new look. The actor and social justice activist is debuting “Latin History for Morons” on Broadway after it played at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Public Theater earlier this year. But everyone knows, when you’re on Broadway you have to make a splash, and Leguizamo is no different. Yesterday the Colombian-American arrived on the streets of New York City to present the marquee to his play and we were left with our mouths open.

Leguizamo is dressed as Frida Kahlo on the Broadway sign for “Latin History for Morons.” Yes, you can freak out now.

That’s quite a look, but he pulls it off. What do you think?

Leguizamo – a veteran of the one-man show – is taking on Latino history in a whole new way for this Broadway show. While we have yet to see this play, according to Broadway Mania, here’s what the show is about:  “Inspired by the near-total absence of Latinos in his son’s American history class, ‘Latin History for Moron’s is Leguizamo’s frenzied search to find a Latin hero for his son’s school project. From a mad recap of the Aztec empire to stories of unknown Latin patriots of the Revolutionary War and beyond, Leguizamo breaks down the 3,000 years between the Mayans and Ricky Ricardo into an irreverent and concise history lesson.”

Does this history lesson include a 311 on Frida? She has to be incorporated into the show somehow or else why would he dress up as her? Guess we will have to see it for ourselves.

We can think of several people in our personal life (and in the White House) who could use a crash course into our beautiful culture, and Leguizamo always knows how to tell a story.

And while Leguizamo took time out of his schedule to promote his Broadway show, the actor has been busy being very vocal about relief efforts to Puerto Rico. From his social media, it seems like that is his number one priority. As it should be.

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