Photo: Instagram/camilacoehlo

6 Latina Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Major Makeup Inspiration

Is your Instagram feed getting a little dull? Looking to spice it up with some talented Latina beauty bloggers who post amazing makeup looks that inspire you to try your hand at some? Here are our top six Latina beauty bloggers – with both small and large followings. Take a look at their pages and let the inspiration flow. Their content will not disappoint!

Dulce Candy (@dulcecandy)

Dulce is one of the OG YouTube beauty gurus. The 29-year-old started her YouTube channel in 2008 and boasts 2.2 million subscribers. Her Instagram is just as popular, too. Dulce mainly posts about skincare and makeup, with splashes of family life and what inspires her. Dulce’s Instagram is perfect for you if you’re a self-proclaimed lover of all things glam and glittery.

Daisy Marquez (@daisymarquez_)


Daisy Marquez is also a YouTube beauty guru with an amazing Instagram. At only 19 years old, Daisy has started and continues to foster her beauty empire. Daisy’s makeup looks are absolutely flawless and always extra. Big false lashes and a gleaming highlight are mainstays in her looks and tutorials. Not to mention, her eyeshadow is perfectly blended and always looks seamless.

Paloma Cordova (@palomaxcordova)


I love Paloma Cordova because she’s not afraid to try out different looks. No matter what, the results are always stunning. Paloma’s makeup looks constantly remind me of high-fashion, avant garde editorials – different, yet eye-catching and somehow flattering! While Paloma does have a YouTube as well, her Instagram is where she is most active. Her style is perfect if you want something a little more eclectic and different from the mainstream.

Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho)

You’ll definitely get a case of travel envy while looking at Camila Coelho’s Instagram feed. While Camila’s Instagram intersects beauty, fashion, and travel all in one, her beauty-centric posts never disappoint. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing and well-edited on Camila’s page that it becomes difficult to stop scrolling! Even at 6.3 million followers, Camila is sure to interact with followers and those who have just come across her page.

Amy Serrano (@amyserrano)

If you’re more into the all-natural, no-makeup makeup look, Amy Serrano is the Latina beauty blogger for you. Amy’s fresh face looks are a reminder to us all that it’s okay to step out and be bare once and awhile. I also have total brow envy after looking at all her photos – they’re sooo full and lush! It’s hard to believe that she’s under 10,000 followers. Let’s show her some love!

Alba Ramos (@sunkissalba)

For the ladies who want makeup inspiration, but want to steer far away from any non-all-natural products, Alba Ramos (SunKissAlba) is the woman for you. She only uses non-toxic and organic products and regularly gives her followers non-toxic hacks for their everyday lives. She also mixes her content in English and in Spanish.