15 Latina Celebs With No Shame in Their Faja Game

We all know that celebrities aren’t perfect – it’s all an illusion

Thalia faja

Photo: Instagram/@thalia

Thalia faja
IG: @thalia

We all know that celebrities aren’t perfect – it’s all an illusion. Part of this illusion is keeping the waist snatched, the tummy smooth, and the curves where they need to be. A secret as long as time in the Latinx community for achieving that desired hourglass figure is the trusty faja, (a.k.a. shapewear). A lot of us do not mess around when it comes to our fajas.

Quite a few Latina celebs have their own love affair with shapewear — here are 15 you know very well.

(Note: Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you have to wear any faja or shapewear. Do you!)


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara faja
Sofia Vergara/Pinterest

Sofia Vergara’s figure is legendary. But it makes us all feel better knowing she uses fajas. In fact, Sofia launched her own collection featuring nine pieces of shapewear in 2013, as part of her Sofia by Sofia Vergara brand for Kmart. “Usually, when I go to an event I wear shapewear… t’s not to hold anything in, but to smooth everything out… But I do have to wear a bra with everything,” she revealed to WWD.


Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde faja
Ninel Conde

“El Bombon Asesino” has the tiniest waist, and she proudly lets it be known that it’s partly thanks to shapewear. Like Sofia, Ninel has a line of fajas, which promise to make you look two sizes smaller. After recently having a baby, she declared to the press, “yes, I have used a variety of fajas… different types of fajas.”


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez faja
Photo: Barcroft Media

Both on and off stage, underneath those body-hugging outfits, Jennifer Lopez is wearing SPANX. She told Gayle King on CBS This Morning that the brand was her go-to. “Nice to get a smooth look, you know what I mean?” she revealed. “It’s good to have that lining.”


Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis faja

Singer and daughter of the late great Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera loves her fajas so much that she took to her YouTube channel to talk about them. “My favorite faja, is this one, that I used in Premios with my white dress, it’s this black faja,” she shares in the video. “I like the shape it gives my stomach.”


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria faja

Another SPANX devotee is Eva Longoria, proving that even slender ladies benefit from the smoothing and shaping that come from fajas. But she’s not trippin’ too much about what she looks like on the red carpet. She recently told Health magazine before becoming a mom back in June 2017 how she’s a fan of Spanx and has even doubled up on them before. Part of the reason why she’s comfortable opening up about using fajas is because she doesn’t have a body hang-ups that impacts her self-esteem. 

No. I mean, I’m running around trying to get two pairs of Spanx, so of course, I care about how the outfit looks, but at the same time, I’m like, “Well, here we go. We’re going out there. Let the Spanx fall where they may!” she said.

wp_*postsCardi B

Part of what makes Cardi B so endearing is that she can care less what people think of her. She keeps it 100 – all the time. She’s been honest about her love of waist trainers and how she uses it to keep her waist small and her stomach toned, all while still eating her favorite chocolate chip cookies. wp_*posts

Carolina Sandoval

Carolina Sandoval faja
Photo: Carolina Sandoval

Carolina Sandoval, a.k.a. La Venenosa is known for not holding her tongue on her TV show. She takes this honesty to her personal life, as well as her faja game. She shows herself wearing fajas, sells fajas, and even has a song called “La Reina de la Faja.” Carolina admits that she has “converted into an addict of las fajas because everything is working so well…” Although she also shares that she doesn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, she’s not interested in looking like one, because she loves herself the way she is.



Apparently, many famous Latinas are cashing in on the shapewear trend. Thalia’s waist is so small that there was a long-standing rumor that she had ribs removed. Yet she still uses a faja! Thalia by Leonisa was her contribution to the faja phenomenon. “The pieces make women feel sexy and alluring, and it’s just for them, not anyone else,” she said. 

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba faja
Photo: Hourglass Angel

Jessica Alba admitted that she used a double corset day and night for three months following the birth of her second daughter, Haven. I wore a double corset day and night for three months,” she confided in Net-a-Porter. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone.” She admitted, though, that it was “sweaty but worth it.” 



Photo: Univision

Although she has been killing it at the gym, reality TV star Snooki is another Latinx celeb who also swears by waist trainers. She has posted several pics of herself wearing them on social media and is said to have utilized the trainer’s slimming effects after the birth of her second child.


Daniela DiGiacomo

Venezuelan beauty queen, model, TV and radio show host, and journalist Daniela DiGiacomo also isn’t shy about letting the world know that she gets that flawless look with the help of fajas. In fact, she posted a YouTube video sharing which shapewear she felt were the very best on the market.


Christina Milian

Photo: FilmMagic/ETOnline

Unfortunately, we learn that some Latinx celebs use fajas by accident, a.k.a. wardrobe malfunctions. In 2017, when Afro-Cubana Christina Milian attended the Live By Night movie premiere in L.A., she wore the prettiest copper dress. The flash from all the paparazzi camera bulbs appeared to have made the dress more transparent than intended, revealing Milian’s shapewear underneath.


Amara La Negra

Afro-Dominicana Amara La Negra has major curves and a tiny waist. Now we know that she uses fajas to help her get that cintura de avispa (wasp waist)! On social media, she has sported waist trainers from other brands, as well as showcasing her own shapewear available for sale.


Alicia Machado

Even former Miss Universes like Venezolana Alicia Machado benefit from the amazing transformative effects of waist trainers. She posted this pic from the gym to her Instagram account, sharing that she was happy with her shapewear.


Selena Gomez

Photo: The Gossip Stop

Women of all shapes and sizes wear fajas. It isn’t just for slimming down, it’s also great at smoothing lumps and bumps for a streamlined look. Another celeb who we found out sports Spanx, due to a wardrobe malfunction, is Selena Gomez.

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