Photo: Instagram/mujerbalance

8 Latina Mom Bloggers You Need To Follow

As moms, we are always in search of inspiration to keep going along this hard, but sweet path called motherhood. Even though many would think we can’t have it all, these women are changing stereotypes by having kids and following their dreams throughout social media. Here are eight Latina mom bloggers you need in your feed right now!

Marines Duarte, En Tus Zapatos

Coming from the corporate world, Marines Duarte from En tus zapatos understands that it is possible to have a successful career, a lovely family and personal time if we keep a certain amount of organization. Through easy tips and endless motivation, Marines also has created the Warrior Princess campaign, with the sole purpose of empowering women and raise awareness about domestic violence.

Andrea Minski, Mujer Balance


Andrea Minski and her sister Eugenia Ocampo runs Mujer Balance, a blog to empower moms and women to have a balanced lifestyle through fitness and wellness tips, beauty, décor, and kid-friendly activities. Their positive view of life are aimed to keep you going no matter the hat you have to wear today.

Rory Lassanske, Mamá Contemporánea

Rory Lassanske, from Mamá Contemporánea, has an easy-going view of motherhood, yet it’s direct when it comes to tell it like it is. Her charismatic voice and friendly approach through social media and blog posts make her a favorite among mom bloggers.

María José Ovalle, Very Busy Mamá

María José Ovalle, creator of Very Busy Mamá, has stamped her personality all over her social media channels and blog. She’s an actor and comedienne, splashing her posts with a huge doses of black humor and a fresh take on motherhood. Although she’ll make you laugh, Ovalle has also raise awareness on the down side of being a mom, trying to slim down after pregnancy, and dealing with anxiety. Consider her your new virtual BFF!

Laura Fuentes, Momables

Laura Fuentes has turned her passion –creating healthy, fresh meals for the little ones through MOMables and her blog— into a successful business in a matter of years. From managing her busy schedule, to easy kitchen tricks and her take on homeschooling, she’s an inspiration to moms who want to have a career or be an entrepreneur without spending time away for her family.

Lorraine C. Ladish, Viva Fifty

Though it’s not a parenting blog per se, Lorraine C. Ladish will give you a different approach of what’s like being a mom of teenagers while juggling a full time business and dealing with the “certain age” cliché. Viva Fifty empowers women and mothers to understand that there’s no age gap when it comes to live life at its fullest.

Silvia Martínez, Mamá Latina


Through vibrant photography, yummy food, and an advice or two on how to really have fun when you’re a mom, Silvia Martínez, creator of Mamá Latina, is one of the first bilingual and bicultural Latino mom bloggers in USA. But beware, a glimpse into her blog will make you crave every single one of her recipes!

Sili Recio, My Mamihood

Blogger, activist, and “Chief Executive Mami” –that’s how Sili Recio, from My Mamihood, defines herself. Her blog will make you understand that we are not “cookie-cutter” mothers, that our beliefs and approach to motherhood are as valid as the woman sitting next to you. And you know what? That’s totally okay!