5 Powerful Latinas Explain Why They’re Backing Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President

warrenThe 2020 Presidential Election is heating up, and we’re merely at the Primary Election stages. However, a lot is at stake, so it’s essential to know which Democratic leader will not only defend the rights of minorities and the most vulnerable communities but also who can beat President Donald Trump out of office. 

So far, it seems like its anyone’s game — sort of. Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be the top contender, but Former Vice President Joe Biden is gaining some traction as is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. If you’ve seen any of the debates (including the most recent one in which she put former Mayor Bloomberg is his place), then you know Warren is someone that each candidate should watch out for. 

While Warren seems to be faltering in primary voting results, Super Tuesday is tomorrow and the 70-year-old Massachusetts Senator is getting a lot of support from some Latinas, which include writer Elizabeth Acevedo, activist Rosie Castro (Julian Castro’s mom), New York Rep. Catalina Cruz, and more than a hundred more Latinos

It is because of these high profile endorsements by influential and powerful women that Warren’s campaign launched “Latinas en la Lucha,” which is focused on engaging Latina voters. 

Latinas are the driving force behind Latino voter participation, registration, and turnout, and they are the decision-makers in their households and in their communities,” Warren said. “Latinas are key to unlocking the full potential of the entire community. And as president, I’m committed to being a real partner with the Latino community. Imagine all the good we can do. Imagine all the progress we can make. Together we will rewrite the rules and put power in the hands of the people. This is our moment to dream big, fight hard, and win.”

So, if you’re still undecided about who the right Democratic candidate is for you, perhaps these Latinas will sway you over to Team Warren. 




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