5 Powerful Latinas Explain Why They’re Backing Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President

The 2020 Presidential Election is heating up, and we’re merely at the Primary Election stages


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The 2020 Presidential Election is heating up, and we’re merely at the Primary Election stages. However, a lot is at stake, so it’s essential to know which Democratic leader will not only defend the rights of minorities and the most vulnerable communities but also who can beat President Donald Trump out of office. 

So far, it seems like its anyone’s game — sort of. Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be the top contender, but Former Vice President Joe Biden is gaining some traction as is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. If you’ve seen any of the debates (including the most recent one in which she put former Mayor Bloomberg is his place), then you know Warren is someone that each candidate should watch out for. 

While Warren seems to be faltering in primary voting results, Super Tuesday is tomorrow and the 70-year-old Massachusetts Senator is getting a lot of support from some Latinas, which include writer Elizabeth Acevedo, activist Rosie Castro (Julian Castro’s mom), New York Rep. Catalina Cruz, and more than a hundred more Latinos

It is because of these high profile endorsements by influential and powerful women that Warren’s campaign launched “Latinas en la Lucha,” which is focused on engaging Latina voters. 

Latinas are the driving force behind Latino voter participation, registration, and turnout, and they are the decision-makers in their households and in their communities,” Warren said. “Latinas are key to unlocking the full potential of the entire community. And as president, I’m committed to being a real partner with the Latino community. Imagine all the good we can do. Imagine all the progress we can make. Together we will rewrite the rules and put power in the hands of the people. This is our moment to dream big, fight hard, and win.”

So, if you’re still undecided about who the right Democratic candidate is for you, perhaps these Latinas will sway you over to Team Warren. 


Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson

“Elizabeth Warren is the fighter we need to act boldly on climate change, create economic opportunity for all, and bring big, structural change to our government,” Romero said, according to the Arizona Daily Star. “She has proven herself to be a champion for women’s rights and understands the institutional barriers that communities of color face in participating in our economy and democracy. For these reasons and many more, I’m proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for president.”


California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez

“I wasn’t going to endorse this time — I just couldn’t help myself,” Gonzalez publically said last year. She added that Warren is the candidate that has the best immigration plan. And she said that she’s campaigning for her as well. “We want to go to states where it’s important, where there are Latino populations or labor populations, who want to hear from her surrogates. We’d be happy to do that and to continue to support her in any way I can.”


Florida Rep. Cindy Polo 


“As a proud daughter of Hialeah, I know far too well what it means to have elected officials who don’t work for their communities, but instead do the bidding of special interests,” Polo said in a statement announcing her support. “This election year, we deserve more than a president who claims to understand the needs of the people of our country. We need someone who has lived them and stood up and fought to address them. As we face the most critical election of our lifetime, I am proud to endorse Senator Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States. Senator Warren’s campaign highlights the communities and issues that most need our attention.”


Activist Monica Ramirez 

“I too believe that Elizabeth Warren has what it takes to be President. She convinced me of this long before she was vying to become the Democratic presidential nominee,” Ramirez said in a recent op-ed. “During these dark, divisive and difficult times, we need a leader who will work to find common ground and common cause to advance the interests of our country, regardless of our race, creed, gender identity or preference, socio-economic standing or any other reason. I believe that the United States needs a leader who will put aside politics. We need a leader who will be dedicated to treating all people with respect and kindness, even their opponents because when a leader models this kind of behavior, other people in our country will have a guidepost for our own interactions with one another. Elizabeth Warren is this unifying leader.” wp_*posts

Lucy Flores, CEO, and Co-Founder of Luz Collective

“Not a single candidate has all the answers or all of the solutions, but when I hear Elizabeth Warren speak, I hear a woman who takes our struggles with her everywhere she goes,” Flores stated, according to the Huffington Post. “I hear a woman who understands that the American people can’t afford anything less than bold solutions. I see a woman who has proven time and time again that she doesn’t just have the tenacity and the intelligence to lead this country and defeat Trump, she has the heart and the courage.”

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