20 Latinx Celebs Who Are Inspiring Us to Wear Neon

Neon colored fashion is the ’80s and ’90s trend that won’t seem to let go

Photo: Unsplash/@drew_beamer

Photo: Unsplash/@drew_beamer

Neon colored fashion is the ’80s and ’90s trend that won’t seem to let go. In style for much of the ’10s, neon takes average colors and explodes them with highlighter-esque brightness. The result gives off a vintage-y vibe and is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. No wonder so many celebs are seen wearing it during their performances, on the red carpet, in music videos, and in their everyday lives. You can’t help but stare at such powerful hues, and the other benefit of neon is that it manages to look both of-the-moment, and old school, at the same time.

Needless to say, as an ’80s baby, I am all here for anything and everything neon — especially for summer. I wanted to pull together a fashionable roundup of everyone’s favorite Latinx celeb rocking the neon trend. Hopefully, you will find some cool inspiration and try the trend out for yourself! We’ve spotted some celebs wearing neon as strategic pops of color against neutrals like black and white. While others said “go big or go home” and wore neon in abundance. As with any trend, we suggest wearing neon in whatever ways works best for you! Check out a few of the looks below for inspo!


Bad Bunny


Bad Bunny is like the King of Neon. The Puerto Rican trap star has donned super bright colors, like neon yellow, hot pink, and neon green, wherever he can add it. This includes neon hair and glowy acrylic nails, which is his thing right now.


Amara La Negra


Amara La Negra is larger than life, so it makes sense she will use the brightest colors to express that truth in her style. This hot pink fringed and sparkled outfit was designed by Valentino Omar, and allowed Amara to really pop on the stage while performing her music.


Becky G


Becky G is always up on all the latest trends, which is part of why she is such a big star. She has worn neon clothes, of course, but also has added the bright colors to her beauty looks. Like this fly neon orange eyeliner moment, she shared on her Instagram.


Ivy Queen


Ivy Queen is la OG reina del reggaeton, and she shows that when it comes to fashion, she has her own style, but is also up with the trends. She is rocking it in this neon orange blazer ensemble. The oversized blazer and neon color tackle two major trends, but the bold accessories and style are puro Ivy Queen.


Jennifer Lopez


Even though she’s relaxing at the beach, you didn’t think Jennifer Lopez was going to wear a boring bathing suit, did you? Never! J-Lo glowed in a neon pink one-piece, accessorized with a straw fedora, and reflective sunglasses while lounging with fiance Alex Rodriguez.


J Balvin

Another reggaeton star, besides Bad Bunny, who wears a ton of neon is J Balvin. Instead of shying away from the punchy colors, or using them sparingly, he dives right into the colors and uses them to set himself apart. Just look at this rad hairstyle by hair stylist and artist Janine Ker! Not only is J Balvin rocking a leopard print, but he has an array of neon colors serving as an almost tie-dye backdrop.


Cardi B

Cardi B knows that using neon in her work echoes her loud personality and style. Just look at the Invasion of Privacy album cover. And this whole look. An already striking black and white look is given several pops of bold color, with neon blue nails, hot pink hair, and a highlighter yellow Birkin bag.


Karol G

Karol G wasn’t about being subtle with color when taking this bright Instagram photo. It was hot pink, from the goggles on her head, to her sneakers, to the matching Mercedes. Showing she’s dedicated to the neon trend, Karol G also has a picture just like this in neon orange.


Christina Milian


Another Latinx fashionista who likes to keep up with the latest trends is Christina Milian. She showed that she knew all about the neon trend when she wore this bright orange dress to the Fashion Nova and Cardi B collection launch party.



Thalia combined sparkles and neon for a powerhouse performance outfit in May. Why choose between two bold options when you can wear them both?! And can we discuss those boots?! The ZCRAVE shoes are so tall that they do double duty as pants — how cool is that?!


Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi recorded a cool song with Karol G, called Hijuepu*#. When she shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram page, Trevi included a photo of her in a hot pink bandeau over a neon yellow sleeveless top that’s tied at the waist. It’s such a cute outfit, and has me thinking of ways I can recreate the look!


Paloma Mami

Chilena Paloma Mami is blowing up, and getting a lot of buzz with her latest song, “Don’t Talk About Me.” Being a star on the rise means being fashionable and on-trend; an artist’s image is important! Paloma shows she knows the trends by rocking a very ’90s-esque tracksuit in hot pink.


Natti Natasha


Natti Natasha shows a more subtle way to take part in the neon trend. Her neutral outfit is giving a fun pop of color by adding a neon sports bra, and matching neon bandana in Natti’s hair. The result is young, fresh, and definitely on trend. And super easy to imitate — use accessories and easy layering pieces like these to add a neon pop to your neutral outfits!


Daddy Yankee


Daddy Yankee is the OG King of Reggaeton. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t coming out with hits now and is part of what’s cool and current. Daddy Yankee is right in the middle of what’s poppin’ in the genre, and that includes its fashion. When he recently collaborated with other reggaeton stars including Karol G, Anuel AA, and Ozuna, they all sported neon green, black, and white outfits.


Zoe Saldana

Neon is a major trend, which means you will see it everywhere. You will see it on the streets, on TV, and on the red carpet. For the Avengers Endgame premiere, Zoe Saldana wore a neon Givenchy gown that photographed both as hot pink and neon purple. Fun colors like those are a refreshing change of pace on a usually-neutral carpet.




Ozuna is another artist who uses the power of neon to add a punch of color and vibrancy to his concerts. He wore a fun neon green T-shirt, with a holographic graphic during a recent concert in the Dominican Republic, and is always donning interesting prints and colors for performances.




It’s cool to see men these days wearing rocking more bold colors and prints, and not just subscribing to neutrals. Maluma is one of those men. He definitely has fun wearing all kinds of different fashionable outfits, many of which feature bright colors. For an Instagram flyer for the Zapopan/Guadalajara leg of his Maluma World Tour, the star surrounded himself with tons of gleaming neon.


Eva Longoria


We can count on Eva Longoria Baston to consistently deliver fabulous red carpet looks. For Hollywood Reporter’s Empowerment issue party, she wore a chic yet vibrant highlighter yellow midi turtleneck dress. It features a classic silhouette with a trendy color — a fashion win-win!



Greeicy is another artist who is blowing up and becoming a household name. The singer shared an Instagram pic recently, where she is rocking a lot of neon. Hot pink earrings and a neon green tank, paired with dark grey jeans that appear to be slightly acid washed make for a totally throwback ’80s/’90s look.


Anitta and Sofia Reyes


The final two Latinx stars on our list who are shining bright in neon are Anitta and Sofia Reyes. They teamed up with Rita Ora for the song, and video for “R.I.P.” There was neon everywhere — as part of the singers’ beauty looks, as well as their wardrobe — and it added such a fun vibe to the production.

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