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These Latinx Grads Beautifully Display Latino Pride On Graduation Day

Latinx grads are not just proclaiming their immense pride for their heritage on their grad caps — some are taking it a step further with their entire graduation outfit. This year we saw a huge spike in elaborate grad caps, which went viral in 2015, but now we’re seeing people take their graduation day a step further by exhibiting their Latino pride via fashion.

One of the most interesting aspects to this cultural fashion trend, which is all over social media, is witnessing what each graduate chooses to represent. Some are in mariachi wear, others are inspired by Frida Kahlo, and some choose to wear traditional Mexican attire.

Back in my day, the only way we displayed pride for our heritage was by wearing stoles with the colors of the Mexican flag. Things have changed considerably. While the majority of those doing away with the old standard graduation gown are women, men are also stepping up to the plate.


A rise in cultural Latino pride, especially by graduates, is in part by the increase in social unrest that Latinx have been facing since the presidential election. With so much negativity onto Latinx, specifically by the President of the United States, this community is showing exactly what they’re capable of.


It’s extremely important that Latinx are reclaiming their heritage in such a profound and visual way while simultaneously contributing immensely to this country. These grads are showing that they’re educated, have been working hard on their education for years, and that regardless of their status, are not afraid and will not hide who they are, or where they come from.


It’s really astounding to see the next generation of Latinx graduates enter the work force with such passion for their family, community, and heritage. They’re also incredibly inspiring to future generations. Those who choose to wear the basic graduation gown now will surely look very bland.