Lola’s POV: Lessons From a Dog Lover Turned Cat Owner

Yes, it’s me, Lola Montilla: dog lover extraordinaire…and, new cat owner

HL Cat Hiplatina Lola

Photos: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

Yes, it’s me, Lola Montilla: dog lover extraordinaire…and, new cat owner. Shocker!

It’s been six months since me and my family found and began to nurse Bailey when she was only four days old! We have never been “cat people” but she has become an icon of our family along with both of our dogs, Paco and Maia (who you met in one of my previous POV). We’ve not only learned that cats eat 1,000 times a day, we learned that they want what they want when they want it, and quite a few other life lessons as well. Here are the top 5 things I learned from my rescue.

#1 Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover

HipLatina Cat Lola Montilla

I have never liked cats. I’ve found them arrogant, intrusive, and aggressive overall, mostly because I got used to dogs being excited every time you come home and knowing when you’re sad so they nuzzle up on your chest. But my cutie kitty, doesn’t even acknowledge my existence unless I rattle her bag of food. The good thing about that though is that whenever she is being affectionate I appreciate it so much more because I know she’s not usually like that (and because I might as well enjoy it before the next scratch, hiss or bite).


#2 Sometimes You Just Need Space

Lola Montilla Cat HipLatina

We’re so used to being super affectionate with our pets and suffocating them with our never-ending TLC, but just like us – they need their space, and the best way to learn that is with a cat. They like affection, but not too much, but they still want it… SO moody, yet SO irresistible.


#3 Stay Curious 

Cat Hiplatina Lola Montilla

Cats are always finding a new way to be entertained and to learn new things about their surroundings, so just like them, we should keep on our toes gathering more information about things that interest us and spark our curiosity. Always keep learning, or climbing – if you’re a cat.


#4 Proceed with Caution

Lola Cat HipLatina

Before jumping, prancing, attacking, or racing around, they scan all the risks and obstacles that surround them. They rarely fail when they investigate beforehand. Scanning the risks has been something my cat has taught me to do. Before making any decision think like a cat – no seriously. Research, investigate, and then take your leap.


#5 We Can All Get Along

HIpLatina Cat Lola

The thing that has most surprised me about my cat is her relationship with my dogs. As soon as we took her home, my dog Maia began to treat her like her daughter, because Maia just has that motherly instinct (I say in a boastful tone.) So the whole taboo of dogs and cats not getting along is total BS! We should learn from animals and just learn to get along with people despite their differences.

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