Lola's POV: To My Internet Friends HipLatina
"Navigating through social media, I’ve met so many people who've changed my life with a single DM." Photos: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

Lola’s POV: A Special Note to All My Internet Friends

Internet friends: my generation’s version of previous’ generations “pen pals.”

Today’s communications have brought us together, and now, we’re only an app away.  During my years navigating through social media, I’ve met so many people  who changed my life with a single DM.  Some of these people I can’t go a day without “speaking to.”  Circumstances surrounding our chance encounters vary, but now, we’re inseparable.  These people are my internet friends, though there should be no distinction, because they are as real as the ones I see every day.

I have been fortunate enough to have met a couple of my online friends in person already, but there are still so many that I’m looking forward to hugging (sans emoji).  So I start off my new year honoring friendship, with a letter to all those friends behind the screen.

“These people are my internet friends, though there should be no distinction, because they are as real as the ones I see every day.” Photos: Courtesy of Lola Montilla
To the friends I’ve never met…

We’ve been talking for a while now, whether it’s on FaceTime, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat,it feels like I see you every day. You know what goes on in my life and you’ve become a loved one. Your support is unconditional. Whenever I needed motivation because I felt down, or that time I had boy problems and needed a second opinion, you were there. I’ve been through my fair share of hard moments and you were quick to accept who I am and realized that the situations that made me the person I am today, were all for the better.

To the friends I met before my surgery; you were there to support me, to pray, and send me messages of hope to keep my mind distracted from the life-saving procedure I was going to undergo at such a young age.

To the many with conditions similar to mine, and who I met after my surgery when you needed support from someone you knew wouldn’t judge, because they understood what you we’re going through.  You were looking for someone to let you know that everything would turn out fine, as I did at some point, and destiny brought us together.

A handful of you I met through mutual friends. But soon, we realized that without each other around, we wouldn’t know how to go about life. One of you I’ve known for years, and although you are not physically here your presence is always a source of comfort.

No matter the distance, nor the circumstances surrounding our first encounter. We’ve found a way to make it work. When we speak, chat, or video call, the miles and time differences become a figment of our imagination and we can talk for hours on end. Even though I might just be waking up when you’re going to sleep, when either one of us needs a hug, an audio message is enough to calm us down.  I feel fortunate to have a grown up in the era of technology, where our friendship is possible. And while it may take months, or years, I hope someday we’ll be able to meet in person, and talk over coffee about how amazing life was to make our paths meet.

With love,

Your Internet Friend,