What To Expect From May’s Full Moon: The Flower Moon in Scorpio

Imagine yourself at a comedy club and watching Mercury Retrograde perform on stage for about three weeks

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Imagine yourself at a comedy club and watching Mercury Retrograde perform on stage for about three weeks. It goes as bad you’d expect: out-of-the-blue break ups, crazy ex-boyfriends resurfacing, missing text messages and thousands of cracked iPhone screens.

Now picture the moon bum rushing the stage, seconds after Mercury is done. You notice his face is puffy and slightly bro-ish as he steps under the blue stage light. His eyes find yours in the very front row and immediately he extends out his arm. “Here,” he says with a wink, handing you the cold glass. “Please. Hold my beer and watch this.”

Every full moon has a name and an energetic influence associated with it. On Wednesday, May 10th, at 5:42 EST we will all experience the effects of the Flower Moon. Technically, it’s supposed to be a very positive influence. This moon will mirror the energies of the spring season, where the weather is warming and nature is in full bloom. You could feel inspired to give birth to new ideas and nurture your close relationships. And find healing under the moon’s light as you inhale all the beauty that’s in nature.

But real talk: this moon’s gonna be a bit of a pain in the ass, too.

First of all — the moon is chilling up in Scorpio’s house right now. That’s like the equivalent of Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Sia and Bjork joining together to release the most honest and intense album of all time. Get your tissues, people. This Flower Moon not only wants to bloom into something new, it wants it to be profound, authentic, and the dopest endeavor of all time. And that might involve answering some hard questions about yourself that you haven’t been able to answer until now.

But, the Sun, you see, always goes to whatever house is across the street from the moon. They’re a little codependent like that… kind of like Harry and Voldemort. So while the Moon is soul searching and spitting epic bars in the house of Scorpio, the Sun is in the house of Taurus — probably in the backyard on a hammock taking a nap by the pool. It’s fair to picture Taurus as Channing Tatum in sweatpants and no shirt, 24/7 — super low key and very, very practical.

What does this mean? That this full moon is going to inspire you to make some changes. To do something epic. And it would be to your benefit to use the placement of the sun’s energy to find a way to go big and be very practical at the same time. If themes about your personality surface that you do not like — be more like shirtless Channing, less like Bjork. Be kind with your emotions.

If inspiration strikes to start a new venture, do your research. Perhaps plan your next steps instead of charging ahead right away. Wait for two or three days to pass before you make any big changes.

The Flower Moon is also sextile to Pluto: so that’s basically like having a small car drive by your crib every twenty minutes, blasting a Puerto Rican air horn to get you even more hyped about your idea. Pluto is cheering you on, even through the emotional moments, so if you get a call or a text from a friend out of the blue that wants to encourage you, take time to experience that support. You can’t do everything alone.

You’ll even have Neptune’s influence that’s trine to the Moon, and the planet will want to bring you even more inspiration and strengthen your intuition. But also note, that Neptune can bring a little confusion under an influence as heavy as this— she’s like Lena Dunham in season one of Girls, if you ask me. She means well, but sometimes she’s a little messy. If you get anxious or overwhelmed, consider taking a break and coming back to your daydreaming and scheming in a few days.

All in all, this could be a great moon to transform yourself, but you have to be aware of the powerful energies at hand. Your emotions are going to feel the gravitational pull to act on your feelings right now. Use the influence of the Sun in Taurus to make small, measurable, practical lists to help you get tiny task after tiny task complete. This will keep the influences of Neptune’s emotional stirrings in balance and will give little Pluto the time of his life with his air horn, as he cheers you on into the weekend with good vibes.

Good luck!

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