Meet Megan Martinez, A Former Homeless Teen That Is Now A Makeup Mogul

Megan Martinez is a genius when it comes to makeup

megan martinez

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Megan Martinez is a genius when it comes to makeup. With one glimpse at her stellar work, you’ll see her talent is undeniable. A closer look at her flourishing makeup line called Chaos Makeup, you’ll find layer upon layer of her dream that almost wasn’t realized.

The self-taught makeup entrepreneur from Texas named her line Chaos Makeup because as she says that word pretty much reflects what she’s been through, who she is, and what she’s all about.

Everything I did was crazy,” Martinez said in an interview with Allure. “Just like the name Chaos Makeup, I did everything chaotic. The way I was was chaotic, my appearance was chaotic — especially for south Texas — so I stuck out. But it actually worked for good PR. In the long run, I became well-known for that.”

According to People magazine, Martinez says she escaped her home life after her mother’s boyfriends turned their abuse onto her. She says it was this period that propelled her to rebel. All of that chaos led her to a life of living on the streets as she became to much for her guardians to deal with it. But it was that turmoil that also launched her passion for makeup. She says that by 15-years-old she was already a full-time makeup artist.

She began to develop her own makeup line, which is how Chaos Makeup first began. And while her line is still growing, part of its charm is that she does create each eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, by hand.

“I don’t make them because I want to, ” Martinez tells Allure. “I make them because there is nothing over here. We had no choice. If we were in a bigger city or near any labs, I wouldn’t have handmade everything. I just don’t have a choice. Our biggest goal is to have someone else do pretty much the majority of the production.”

We have a feeling Martinez will get her big lab in the very near future, and her small production will be a thing of the past.

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