Photo: Unsplash/@metinozer

The Mexican Consulate In Chicago Is Offering to Pay DACA Renewal Fees

It’s been six days since President Donald Trump officially said he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and people are not giving up without a fight. DACA recipients who are facing an expiration between now and March 5th have a tight deadline. They must renew their DACA benefits before October 5th to begin processing. However, for some of these DACA recipients it’s not just about wanting to renew, but about coming up with the fee to file that paperwork.

The fee to renew their DACA benefit is $495, and that is just too much for some. That steep fee of almost $500 will make it impossible to renew their DACA paperwork. But some people are looking out for these DREAMers.

The Mexican Consulate in Chicago is telling DREAMers that if they cannot afford the fee to renew, they will offer financial aid to cover the cost.

“Mexican nationals should know that the Mexican government is providing financial and legal assistance to DREAMers that need it. We will always support them,” Luis Adrian Sosa Morales, of the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago, said to The Chicago Tribune.

The Consulate states that their financial aid offer could cover from $300 to the entire amount of renewing for those who “demonstrate financial need.” They will also help DACA recipients fill out the paper.

For anyone that is seeking aid for their renewal forms, they must go to the Consulate. The address is 204 S. Ashland Ave. They may also call its Protection Department at (312) 738-2023.

But it’s important to do all of this before October 5th.