More Than $30,000 Raised For Woman Who Was Forcefully Separated From Baby

By now we should know the devastating affects of separating a child from their parent

Photo: Unsplash/@gift_habeshaw

Photo: Unsplash/@gift_habeshaw

By now we should know the devastating affects of separating a child from their parent. The trauma of removal between them is everlasting by both parties, so, when a video went viral showing a baby being ripped away from his mother — the uproar was prevalent. This separation, however, did not occur at the border or in a detention center, but rather in Brooklyn.

The video, that appeared on the internet on Dec. 10, showed a woman on the ground while a group of officers surrounded her. She held on tight to her baby, but the officers were able to yank the baby away from her. The woman in the video is 23-year-old Jazmine Headley and her child is an 18-month-old baby boy. According to news outlets, Jazmine was at the Human Resources Administration office in Brooklyn waiting to get her daycare vouchers. She was there, reportedly for four hours, with nowhere to sit, so she sat on the floor. That is when a security person approached her and told her she wasn’t allowed to sit on the floor but had to stand. That is when chaos ensued.

After the officers were able to pry the baby away from her, she was arrested and jailed. Thanks to the uproar from the public and the video, the district attorney ordered her release from jail and dropped the charges.

“The consequences this young and desperate mother has already suffered as a result of this arrest far outweigh any conduct that may have led to it: she and her baby have been traumatized, she was jailed on an unrelated warrant and may face additional collateral consequences,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said in a press conference.

After being released, Jazmine said: “I’m just so grateful to everyone and I’m just happy to be free and I just need to see my boy.

A Gofundme account has been set up in her name. In less than 24 hours, more than $30,000 has been raised by less than 1,000 people. Remarkable! Click here if you’d like to help.

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