Mom Defends Breastfeeding in Public: “Boobs Are Not Sexual”

It’s 2017 and you’d think with all of the advances we have made in feminism over the past few years and the hundred years beforehand that women wouldn’t be shamed on the regular for things that are natural. And yet, here we are. We still haven’t been able to break the highest of glass ceilings (sorry, Hillary) and we are still being shamed for the natural things that our bodies do—such as breastfeeding.

Well, we’ve had enough!

A woman visiting Disney recently went viral for the photo she shared in a breastfeeding mom group on Facebook—and for the outspoken way she stood up to haters, defending her right to nurse in public because, as she herself put it, “boobs are not sexual!”

According to People, while standing in line, two women were clearly uncomfortable and upset that Brittni Medina was feeding her 10 month old son in public and giving her glares, so the mami’s husband took a photo which has now received over 2,000 comments, 8,000 reactions and 1,000 shares. In the post, the mom says that she wanted to have the picture taken to bring “attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.”

Medina also responded to people questioning her attire (not that she needed to) writing: “Am I normally this “exposed” when I feed my son? No! But not all moments as a mother are glamorous! In this moment he is a big boy and is pulling on my nursing shirt!”

Despite the controversial topic and some negative comments, the mom updated the photo to clarify that this is an issue that needs to be normalized in society and that she stands by the picture. “If you can’t inform your kids a baby is eating that’s not my issue.” She also reminds people that Disney’s policy and California law support moms who want to breastfeed in public, covered or uncovered.

Although it’s still a controversial topic and not everyone agrees, I for one think that no moms should be shamed for the choices that they make. Those choices are personal and, as long as they do not hurt anyone else (which, by the way, the sight of boobs shouldn’t), should be honored. Here are just a few of the reactions that Medina’s photo has received:




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