6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis

6 Must-Have Apps For Traveling Mamis


If you’re a mom that travels for work, we know you appreciate any extra help to make your airport/plane/hotel life easier. There are plenty of apps out there that will help save you money when booking your trip, but if your moving on your company’s dime (or even your own) you still want to make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible. These apps should help.


6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

We all collectively dislike (ahem, we really hate) layovers. Especially when there’s not much to do around an airport for 3 hours. But this free app will show you an airport map and full list of services, like banks, ATMs, stores, eateries and even spots where you can get a dose of good caffeine. What a lifesaver!

Seat Alerts

6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

So you’ve already picked your seat when you suddenly realize you don’t want to sit near the window. That’s why this app is incredibly convenient! You simply set an alert, and when seats are free, it will inform you immediately. Now you can change your seat and find an ideal spot on the plane with a simple click of a button.


6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

Another free treasure that helps you stay organized. Just give access to your email account and this helpful app will gather all your travel info and alert you about potential gate changes, last-minute delays and other relevant information.


6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

This super helpful app is a free way to connect with airport lounges around the world, allowing you to find out if you’re eligible to enter to any of these lounges. This app runs a thorough check and looks for lounges based on your status, credit cards and U.S. military status. Awesome.

Pocket Casts

6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

For just $4 dollars you can download the best manager for podcasts available. You won’t feel lonely during your trip or layover, and you won’t have to engage in lame conversations either. Unless you want to!


6 Must-Have Apps for Traveling Mamis HipLatina

You can’t travel without music! Spotify’s premium $10-a-month service allows you to listen to your favorite music even without WI-FI. Just tap the “available offline” button and download music before your trip and voila! Hello music, our hero! Let’s make this flight epic!


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