Photo: Unsplash/@ansleycreative

Nanny Found Guilty of Murdering the Two Children of Her Employer

How could a nanny that was hired to help with three beautiful children end up murdering two of them? A nanny that was with the family for two years, and was considered a family member, just lose it and kill them? At the core, that was the main question in the trial of Dominican nanny Yoselyn Ortega who stabbed two children in 2012. Six years after that horrendous killing in Manhattan, Ortega was finally “found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder for stabbing Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2,” CNN reports.

In a statement to the court, the parents of the children — Kevin and Marina Krim. “We were deceived and betrayed by the defendant’s family, who remain wholly unaccountable for their role in the murders of our children,” the statement said. “Every child deserves a caregiver who is honest and responsible. And no one should think they can lie when it comes to the care and safety of our children.

The Krim family have introduced a legislation that would make it illegal for someone to give false credentials and references in any kind of application that has to do with childcare. The Krim family say it was Ortega’s sister, Celia, that vouched for her saying she had experience working with kids and could be her nanny. Ortega, however, had only briefly worked with kids before. Ortega provided two references, one person with a child that she actually worked for, the other person — Yaquelin Severino — said Ortega was a nanny to her son, when in fact she had no kids.

What she did is not a crime in the penal law,” Stuart Silberg, a Manhattan prosecutor said in his closing remarks in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Monday, in reference to Severino, according to The New York Times. “Maybe it should be. We’ll never know what would have happened if she never sent that false email.”