The New Moon in Leo Will Make it a Hot Girl Summer

Just like that, we have a new moon upon us

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Just like that, we have a new moon upon us. This new moon in Leo is also known as a Black Moon, but don’t worry, the moniker eludes to something dark, but that’s not the case at all. The term Black Moon is simply a way of referencing the second new moon within a month.

Leo represents confidence, courage, and passion. Mix this up with a new moon and you’re guaranteed to add some zest to your life by taking up new pursuits that place you center stage. Get ready to embody your inner J.Lo and be a fearless diosa. Fun fact: Jennifer Lopez is a Leo!

This Black Moon will provide all the encouragement you need to express yourself freely and fully. Don’t be surprised if you decide to completely change your physical appearance with a new look! Thinking of dying your hair red? You will find the inner strength to make that drastic change you’ve been daring to try. If your Sun sign or rising sign falls in the following fixed signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio, you can especially expect this new moon on July 31 to have a major influence you.

There’s a lot of youthful energy at the moment with Venus conjunct Leo arriving just in time for this new moon. Venus is the queen of all things amor y dinero. Expect the areas of finance and romance in your life to undergo some changes with this new moon in Leo. If you’re single you may decide to proclaim your loyalty by beginning the cuffing season early or you might find yourself ready to take your dating game to another level by enjoying your freedom and independence. In that case, your summer anthem could very well be Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

The new moon in Leo can intensify any holes in communication for you if you’re in a partnership or committed relationship. Patience is a virtue and that is a characteristic that Leo season doesn’t tend to foster. You will want to be patient when dealing with your interpersonal dynamics during this new moon. Reminder, this energy will last for the next two weeks and you will want to build new ways of integrating these insights as it relates to your communication failures.

New moons represent the first stage of the manifestation process. Consider the energy on July 31 as an opportunity to rediscover your independence. Money could end up becoming a significant factor in how you intend on moving forward with your newfound doctrine. Adopt the model of “Work Hard, Play Hard” with this new moon by weaving more self-care into your daily routine. You might even decide you want to earn money in a different way – possibly a way that makes you happier. There is an opportunity with this new moon in Leo to become very dedicated to your pursuits and some of you might end up using this momentum to further your legacy in your profession.

Ultimately, this new moon in Leo will offer up plenty of personal anthems that will have you party rocking with new milestones in your life. Your attitude will be carefree and lighthearted, which is something you’ll be basking in after all the work you’ve been doing during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury comes out of retrograde the same day as the new moon in Leo, but there is still a week of Mercury’s Retrograde shadow to be mindful of. Expect that energy to subside by August 7th.

Whether you have Leo placements in your natal birth chart or you’re just ready to enjoy all the goodness of this new moon in Leo, there are a couple of crystal stones I recommend for you to work with to manifest with this new energy.

Amethyst is an amazing stone to incorporate with this new moon in Leo because it will provide the assistance needed to overcome any blockages you encounter. Leo’s energy can be intense because it is very ambitious. Amethyst is a good stone to give you that added push to carry on while stimulating your third eye. Often times our intuitive insight will become cloudy when we’re working with fire energy such as Leo. Amethyst will bring you back to focus.

Garnet is an underrated stone that can help you ignite a fire within and give you an extra boost of confidence. You’ll likely be very focused on yourself this new moon because the sign of Leo offers up a tendency to be very “me” oriented. You’ll want to incorporate Garnet not only for confidence but also to encourage the energy of gratitude to flow. It’s the best of both worlds.

Have fun and be you with this new moon in Leo. May you live passionately, always.

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