November 2018 full moon
Photo: Courtesy of Solaris The Hii Priestess

November’s Beaver Moon Wants You to Set Your 2019 Intentions Early

If the moon has taught us anything this year is that it comes full throttle and takes no prisoners, but in the most full moon way possible because after all, she keeps it real and means well.

November’s Beaver Moon on the 23rd might (okay, it will) have you feeling slightly scatterbrained seeing as it is in Gemini, a sign known for being restless and but yet always on the go and on a mission to get somewhere.

According to Austin-based tarot reader Solaris the Hii Priestess, this month’s full moon is in Gemini which will deal with the way we move and communicate. She reminds us that the full moon has a very intense energy that forces us to focus on pressing matters to deal with what’s hidden. This is especially true when it comes to “matters of the heart and the shadow side of your personality.”

Photo: Courtesy of Solaris The Hii Priestess

Solaris the Hii Priestess learned about the moon cycles through astrology and now shares her rituals and readings on her YouTube channel. And has even started Twerk and Tarot workshop which helps women dance all that energy out and get comfortable with sexual energy as a source.


She loves creating rituals for the full moon that deal with the element of the sign the moon is in. For example, the last full moon was in Scorpio, which carries the element of water. So, she created a water memory ritual which called for everyone to speak positive intentions into water.

Photo: Courtesy of Solaris The Hii Priestess

But because Geminis are visionary people who are natural innovators, this is the right time to create a vision board for yourself. Take on that energy.

November Full Moon Ritual:


  • Paper/Pen
  • Write down every idea you have running through your mind
  • Sage yourself and your place
  • Keep lavender handy, smell when feeling restless
  • Get another piece of paper, draw a roadmap of what you want your vision board to be with the top 3 ideas that resonate the most with you
  • Wait until the next day and ask yourself if those 3 ideas should go on your vision board for 2019
  • Then, get creative with your 2019 vision board

“This is the right time to learn how to prioritize and work on your self-discipline so you could finish one thing at a time. After the full moon,  you’ll have the confidence to take on a crowd with your newfound power, persuasion and irresistible charm,” she adds.


In short, don’t wait until the new year to think about your goals. Get a head start and work on them now so you clock into the new year ready to go. Make sure your to-do’s tie into bigger goals, if they don’t, now is the time to set up shop and evaluate your purpose. This full moon’s energy is yours for the taking.