These #OriginalDreamers Stories Will Move You to Tears

As the conversation around immigration, Dreamers, ICE raids and the repeal of DACA continue to swirl in all corners of the internet, #OriginalDreamers has emerged to remind us of why everyday people cross deserts, oceans, miles of jungles, and risk death in search of a better life in the United States. The media tends to portray the parents of Dreamers and DACA recipients as irresponsible criminals who came here to steal from the U.S., however the hashtag popping up across social media, #OriginalDreamers, humanizes the conversation by showing how many people have had a fighting chance because their family members sacrificed themselves for the next generation. Here are a few of the most heart-wrenching and thought-provoking responses by the children who honor their parent’s struggle and sacrifice.

Crossing the border is often a traumatic experience, but we seldom hear about how traumatic living in constant fear of being arrested or separated from your family is.




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