Patty Cantu: “The World is Looking at Us. This is Our Moment. Be Proud!”

Pop singer Paty Cantu is a Mexican singer/songwriter recently gaining new fans in the U

Photo: Instagram/patycantu

Photo: Instagram/patycantu

Pop singer Paty Cantu is a Mexican singer/songwriter recently gaining new fans in the U.S. with her first stateside tour and catchy songs like “#Natural” and “Mariposas.” Cantu originally caught the music bug from her sister who loved classical music. Eventually, Paty realized that she could express how she feels or thinks in through music and fell in love too. “Growing up I didn’t like playing with dolls. I would sing with my hair brush and would pretend it was a microphone. I would sing all my favorite songs and I loved it.” Paty went on to sing professionally in a band and eventually struck out on her own as a solo artist.

She wants other Latina woman want to be artists to know that they can do it. “You can be your own boss and demonstrate who you are as a woman,” she goes on to say, “ You may come across people who will tell you ‘no,’ but it’s up to us to know your own limits.” She says, “The world is looking at us. This is our moment. Be proud!”

When asked what she loves most about being a musician she told HipLatina, “It provides me an opportunity to be honest with my listeners. I’m able to talk about the struggles women have to go through, the battles we’ve won or have yet to win and the pressure society puts on us minorities.” Paty hopes this honesty shines through her music and allows her fans to believe that although we may fall, we have to stand up and dream again, begin again. In fact, the musically talented Juan Gabriel once told her once to be honest with her music and to talk about what’s happening around her and her reality and that’s what she’s done, and continues to do.

Most recently, Paty collaborated with her musical hero, Alejandro Sanz, for her single ”Pendiente.” It’s been her favorite collaboration so far and she can’t even think of who she’d like to collaborate with next as she feels selfish doing so. “I’m enjoying the moment and my dream come true,” she says. Over time, she’d like to include songs from different countries and perhaps even collaborate with someone who speaks a different language. 

A few weekends ago, Paty performed at Los Dells and put on quite the show. Her U.S. tour has been an exciting experience as well as a nerve racking one. Nonetheless, she’s always ready to perform for her fans. “The Anecdote” is an exclusive song which she only plays live. She felt it was important in “addressing the problems of the world that involve hate.” As for new music, she’s working on it all the time — in her studio at home, and on the road. Paty says, “Making music is the best way that I know how to communicate.”

Listen to her latest album #333

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