Penelope Cruz Gives Ellen Degeneres the Most Hilarious Spanish Lesson

Spanish isn’t an easy language to speak


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Spanish isn’t an easy language to speak. Though it might seem that way for some, for others, however, it can be quite difficult, and even funny. That seemed to to be the case yesterday when Penelope Cruz appeared as a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The Spanish actress was there to promote her role in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” which airs tonight. While the two chatted, Ellen asked her what it’s like to live in Spain – your basic small talk — then they really got into it.

Ellen was interested in learning a couple of Spanish words but Penelope said she was going to teach her a couple of Spanish phrases. The phrase that Penelope said was definitely not something we were expecting.

“Me tienes hasta el moño,” which Penelope said translates to “I’ve had it with you” – and very clearly slang.  But it was so funny hearing Ellen even attempt to say this. The next phrase was even funnier — and vulgar!

“I’m not supposed to teach you this,” Penelope said to Ellen.  Ellen then asked what the phrase meant, to which Penelope replied “It’s better if you just learn it and trust me.”

While we can’t make out what Penelope said entirely because a portion of it was bleeped out. It sort of sounded like Penelope said something in the vein of “Me *** en la leche.” WHAT?! This has to be slang in Spain because we’ve never heard this phrase and we’re pretty vulgar.

Upon further research we realize that she said “me cago en la leche” which means “I shit in the milk” apparently. Again…what?!

What the hilarity unfold.

The actress also talked about what it was like being a child model in her native Spain and how that shifted into her passion for acting.

She should also consider being a Spanish teacher, in case she gets tired of acting.

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