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The historical pink suit becomes a lead character with the cinematic appearance of Pablo Larrain’s masterpiece

Photo: Unsplash/@icons8

Photo: Unsplash/@icons8

The historical pink suit becomes a lead character with the cinematic appearance of Pablo Larrain’s masterpiece. The motion picture, Jackie, whose main character is interpreted by Natalie Portman, revives the mystical story of the sudden fallout of the North-American “Camelot.”

For many, the emblematic suit became the symbol of a historical moment that marked the end of an era in the history of the United States and a strong awakening for the then first lady, Jacqueline Bouvier who had meticulously presented an image of the perfect family.

Made of wool “bouclé,” the double-breasted, thick pink with navy trim collared suit was a copy of a Coco Chanel suit that debuted in the 1961 autumn/winter collection. The first lady acquired it during one of her many visits to New York at the Chez Ninon boutique. The famous suit was worn by Jackie on various occasions in winter of 1961, London 1962, prior to her wearing it in Texas on that tragic day in 1963.

To personify the character, Larraín delegated designer Madeline Fontaine with charge to recreate the flawless attire of the legendary woman.

With the arrival of the film, the metaphoric pink suit will be presented to an entire new generation who might be oblivious to what that day represented to the world or to the design’s historical significance.

The film follows the post-occurrences of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It also illustrates Jacqueline’s painful struggles to recover her faith and how she comforts her children, while attempting to define her husband’s historical legacy and how she would be remembered.

Watch the trailer for Jackie here:

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