The Art of the Latecation: How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip

Are you just waking up and catching the travel bug this summer? While everyone at work seems to be on vacation, I’ve ended up filling in for them chained to my desk. But I’m starting to wonder why I’m spending so much time at the office instead of sipping on a margarita by the ocean. As the temporary boss in town for the week, I think it’s time to reward myself with my own vacation! I was a little worried about breaking the bank. But with a little research, the world is at your fingertips. Well, a good part of the world, at least. Follow these tips and you can be off on what may end up being the last minute latecation of your dreams.

The Art of the Latecation: How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip

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Go anywhere – literally!

Lots of flight search websites no longer make you choose your destination. Yes, this is on purpose! Type your starting point (making sure to be flexible with all airports in your local area to maximize deals) and then choose “everywhere” as your destination. You might be pleasantly surprised with the options that pop up. Don’t doubt them if they don’t seem so trendy or cutting edge. Check out TripAdvisor and become the next ambassador of that off the beaten path destination. After all, that’s exactly how I ended up going here




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