The Power of Gratitude to Enhance Wealth + Happiness

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It has been said that gratitude is the antidote to fear. You simply can’t feel gratitude and fear at the same time. Gratitude doesn’t mean settling for less or not making every effort to realize your true potential. Rather, it’s understanding that things are not always within our control and that we must appreciate the gifts we have right now, even the small ones. Being grateful can actually bring more money into your life.

These five benefits will remind you why you should develop an attitude of gratitude today!

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Daily HipLatina

Follow your bliss. The benefits of gratitude extend far beyond your wallet to your life overall. This isn’t just a theory—science shows that being grateful actually affects our brains. In one 10-week study, people who kept a daily log of things they felt grateful for were compared to another group who didn’t. Members of the gratitude group were more optimistic and experienced a 25% boost in happiness. Follow-up studies also found that those who regularly recorded things they were grateful for tended to exercise more each week and achieve more of their goals over the long run. Science also reveals that the more grateful you are, the more successful you can become.

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